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    Rules of Procedure for Promulgating Modifying or Revoking Occupational Safety or Health Standards
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    Emergency standards.
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Whenever an emergency standard is published pursuant to section 6(c) of the Act, the Assistant Secretary must commence a proceeding under section 6(b) of the Act, and the standard as published must serve as a proposed rule. Any notice of proposed rulemaking shall also give notice of any appropriate subsidiary proposals.


An emergency standard promulgated pursuant to section 6(c) of the Act shall be considered issued at the time when the standard is officially filed in the Office of the Federal Register. The time of official filing in the Office of the Federal Register is established for the purpose of determining the prematurity, timeliness, or lateness of petitions for judicial review.


If the Assistant Secretary wishes to consult an advisory committee on any of the proposals as permitted by section 7(b) of the Act, he shall afford interested persons an opportunity to inspect and copy any recommendations of the advisory committee within a reasonable time before the commencement of any informal hearing which may be held under this part, or before the termination of the period for the submission of written comments whenever an informal hearing is not initially noticed under § 1910.11(b)(4) of this chapter.


Section 6(c) requires that any standard must be promulgated following the rulemaking proceeding within 6 months after the publication of the emergency standard. Because of the shortness of this period, the conduct of the proceeding shall be expedited to the extent practicable.

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