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    Occupational Safety and Health Standards
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    1910 Subpart E
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    Exit Routes and Emergency Planning
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    Table of contents.
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§ 1910.33 Table of contents.

This section lists the sections and paragraph headings contained in §§ 1910.34 through 1910.39.

§ 1910.34 Coverage and definitions.

(a) Every employer is covered.
(b) Exit routes are covered.
(c) Definitions.

§ 1910.35 Compliance with Alternate Exit Route Codes.

§ 1910.36 Design and construction requirements for exit routes.

(a) Basic requirements.
(b) The number of exit routes must be adequate.
(c) Exit discharge.
(d) An exit door must be unlocked.
(e) A side-hinged exit door must be used.
(f) The capacity of an exit route must be adequate.
(g) An exit route must meet minimum height and width requirements.
(h) An outdoor exit route is permitted.

§ 1910.37 Maintenance, safeguards, and operational features for exit routes.

(a) The danger to employees must be minimized.
(b) Lighting and marking must be adequate and appropriate.
(c) The fire retardant properties of paints or solutions must be maintained.
(d) Exit routes must be maintained during construction, repairs, or alterations.
(e) An employee alarm system must be operable.

§ 1910.38 Emergency action plans.

(a) Application.
(b) Written and oral emergency action plans.
(c) Minimum elements of an emergency action plan.
(d) Employee alarm system.
(e) Training.
(f) Review of emergency action plan.

§ 1910.39 Fire prevention plans.

(a) Application.
(b) Written and oral fire prevention plans.
(c) Minimum elements of a fire prevention plan.
(d) Employee information.

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