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    Rules of Practice for Variances Limitations Variations Tolerances and Exemptions Under the Williams Steiger Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970
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    1905 Subpart B
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    Applications for Variances, Limitations, Variations, Tolerances, Exemptions and Other Relief
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    Action on applications.
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Defective applications.

If an application filed pursuant to § 1905.10(a), § 1905.11(a), § 1905.12(a), or § 1905.13 does not conform to the applicable section, the Assistant Secretary may deny the application.

Prompt notice of the denial of an application shall be given to the applicant.
A notice of denial shall include, or be accompanied by, a brief statement of the grounds for the denial.
A denial of an application pursuant to this paragraph shall be without prejudice to the filing of another application.

Adequate applications.

If an application has not been denied pursuant to paragraph (a) of this section, the Assistant Secretary shall cause to be published in the FEDERAL REGISTER a notice of the filing of the application.
A notice of the filing of an application shall include:
The terms, or an accurate summary, of the application;

A reference to the section of the Act under which the application has been filed;


An invitation to interested persons to submit within a stated period of time written data, views, or arguments regarding the application; and


Information to affected employers, employees, and appropriate State authority having jurisdiction over employment or places of employment covered in the application of any right to request a hearing on the application.


Where the requested variance, or any proposed modification or extension thereof, involves a Federal standard, or any portion thereof, identical to a State standard, or any portion thereof, as provided in §§ 1905.10(b)(11) and 1905.11(b)(8) of this chapter, the Assistant Secretary will promptly furnish a copy of the application to the appropriate State authority and provide an opportunity for comment, including the opportunity to participate as a party, on the application by such authority, which shall be taken into consideration in determining the merits of the proposed action.


A copy of each final decision of the Assistant Secretary with respect to an application filed under § 1905.10, § 1905.11, or § 1905.13 shall be furnished, within 10 days of issuance, the State authorities having jurisdiction over the employment or place of employment covered in the application.

[36 FR 12290, June 30, 1971, as amended at 40 FR 25449, June 16, 1975]