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    State Plans for the Development and Enforcement of State Standards
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    1902 Subpart D
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    Procedures for Determinations Under section 18(e) of the Act
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    Requirements applicable to State plans granted affirmative 18(e) determinations.
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A State whose plan, or modification thereof, has been granted an affirmative 18(e) determination will be required to maintain a program within the scope of such determination which will be "at least as effective as" operations under the Federal program in providing employee safety and health protection at covered workplaces within the comparable scope of the Federal program. This requirement includes submitting all required reports to the Assistant Secretary, as well as submitting supplements to the Assistant Secretary for his approval whenever there is a change in the State's program, whenever the results of evaluations conducted under section 18(f) show that some portion of a State plan has an adverse impact on the operations of the State plan or whenever the Assistant Secretary determines that any alteration in the Federal program could have an adverse impact on the "at least as effective as" status of the State program. See part 1953 of this chapter.

A substantial failure to comply with the requirements of this section may result in the revocation of the affirmative 18(e) determination and the resumption Of Federal enforcement authority, and may also result in proceedings for the withdrawal of approval of the plan or any portion thereof pursuant to part 1955 of this chapter.