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    General Services Administration (GSA)

Memorandum of Understanding
General Service Administration (GSA)
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

To assist tenant agencies in determining the validity of agency reports of safety and health concerns, GSA will make available to tenant agencies a list of professional organizations and individuals that can provide agencies with workplace and industrial hygiene surveys. The tenant agency will bear the expense of any survey to identify and document their concerns. Upon completion of the survey and presentation of the resultant report to GSA by the agency in accordance with the Federal Property Management Regulation 41 CFR 101-20.109-12(c), GSA will then proceed to abate any conditions which need to be addressed. OSHA hereby agrees to cooperate with this procedure. Accordingly, whenever OSHA receives an allegation of an unsafe or unhealthful condition other than imminent danger situations from a Federal agency occupying space under the authority of GSA, a response letter will be sent by OSHA alerting the tenant agency of the availability of the above list, with a copy to GSA. In the response letter to the tenant Federal agency, OSHA will request the agency to forward a copy of the resultant report findings, if any, to both OSHA and GSA. OSHA will then monitor GSA or the agency with respect to the abatement of the hazardous condition.

In the event of a report of a serious hazard or an imminent danger situation, OSHA will inspect or otherwise act to assure that the condition is addressed in an expeditious manner.

Richard O. Haase
Commissioner, Public Building-Service
General Service Administration

Thorne G. Auchter
Assistant Secretary of Labor

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