# Standard Interpretations
1 - 1926.701(b) - Impalement protection from protruding reinforcing steel and 250-pound drop test.
2 - 1926.701(b) - Clarification regarding impalement hazards on construction worksites
3 - 1926.701(b) - Whether non-rebar projections on a construction site must be guarded; whether rebar caps/covers are subject to a minimum size requirement; whether vertical rebar in beam stirrups are subject to §1926.701(b)
4 - 1926.701(b) - Impalement from reinforcing steel protruding horizontally; §1926.701(b)
5 - 1926.701(b) - Requirements for leaving construction equipment and powder-actuated tools unattended on a construction building site; impalement protection from reinforcing steel for masonry workers on a scaffold.
6 - 1926.701(b) - Fall protection requirements for employees working from a "work bridge" in concrete construction work
7 - 1926.701(b) - Protection of impalement hazards: rebar and other hazards.
8 - 1926.701(b) - Reinforcing steel (rebar) assemblies: questions regarding fall protection and training.
9 - 1926.701(b) - Acceptable use of reinforcing steel bent to a horizontal position to eliminate impalement hazards.
10 - 1926.701(b) - Reinforcing steel of any diameter and any length must be guarded.
11 - 1926.701(b)(1) - Worker exposure to impalement hazards while constructing upper rebar mats over rebar protrusions from lower levels