# Federal Register
1 - 78:60900-60918 - Kiewit Power Constructors Co. et al. [Avalotis Corp., Bowen Engineering Corporation, Commonwealth Dynamics, Inc., Gibraltar Chimney International, LLC, Hamon Custodis, Inc., Hoffmann, Inc., International Chimney Corporation, Karrena International Chimney, - PDF
# Regulations
1 - 1926.502(b) - Fall protection systems criteria and practices.
# Standard Interpretations
1 - 1926.502(b) - Fall protection for workers having to walk/work along bridge decks when the edges are finished with a 32 in. high barrier wall.
2 - 1926.502(b) - Use of a warning line instead of conventional fall protection; Part 1926 Subpart M
3 - 1926.502(b) - Clarification if a depression constitutes a hole or unprotected side/edge and associated fall protection requirements.
4 - 1926.502(b) - Wire rope clips on suspension scaffolds; safety latches on large crane hooks; order of assembly for hanging scaffolds; and horizontal lifeline design.
5 - 1926.502(b) - Fall protection requirements for employees, other than roofers, working on low-slope roofs
6 - 1926.502(b) - Acceptable use of warning lines as fall protection for roofers and other trades.
7 - 1926.502(b) - Fall protection non-conforming guardrail criteria for application of a de minimis policy.
8 - 1926.502(b) - Policy for descent control devices used in construction.
9 - 1926.502(b) - Waist/chest strap as part of full body harness.