# Regulations
1 - 1926.451(a)(6) - General requirements.
# Standard Interpretations
1 - 1926.451(a)(6) - Whether plywood may be used as scaffold decking material over wood scaffold planks; 29 CFR 1926.450 and 1926.451.
2 - 1926.451(a)(6) - Use of 2"x6" No 2 pine boards as a scaffold platform; application of 1926.451(a) and 1926.451(f)(16) when erecting and dismantling scaffolds.
3 - 1926.451(a)(6) - Whether a safety factor must be incorporated into the design of footings for supported scaffolds.
4 - 1926.451(a)(6) - Whether scaffold components may be loaded in excess of minimum load ratings specified in 29 CFR Part 1926 Subpart L; whether a safety factor must be added to such load ratings; Non-Mandatory Appendix A.
5 - 1926.451(a)(6) - Application of OSHA construction standards that govern the loading of materials onto scissor lifts and the restraining of those stored materials.
6 - 1926.451(a)(6) - Requirements in 1926 Subpart L "Scaffolds" regarding the use of plywood to make platform decking for scaffolds.
7 - 1926.451(a)(6) - Fall protection requirements during installation and removal or tarps and sheeting on/from scaffolds; qualifications of person determining safety on scaffold with wind imposed forces.
8 - 1926.451(a)(6) - Compliance of Master Plank scaffold planking with OSHA plank strength requirements.
9 - 1926.451(a)(6) - Use of aerial lift or scissor lift guardrails as a work or scaffold platform.
10 - 1926.451(a)(6) - Clarification of 1926.451(a)(6) requirements for scaffolds and bridge-painting projects.
11 - 1926.451(a)(6) - Request that OSHA adopt a requirement that all scaffold planks meet a "scaffold grade" under recognized grading rules.
12 - 1926.451(a)(6) - Applicable standards to lifting personnel on a platform supported by a rough-terrain forklift.
13 - 1926.451(a)(6) - Tie, guy, and bracing requirements for scaffold systems.