# Standard Interpretations
1 - 1910.269(l)(2) - Clarification on number of qualified employees required when working with electrical components.
2 - 1910.269(l)(2) - Qualifications required under 1910.269 for entry into manholes/vaults to perform work on energized conductors.
3 - 1910.269(l)(2) - Use of live-line tools and exemption to the requirement for at least two employees to be present during work on an energized part.
4 - 1910.269(l)(2) - Conditions rendering underground electrical power connections as unsafe to touch with bare hands.
5 - 1910.269(l)(2) - Determining voltage ratings for electrical insulating equipment used during electrical power distribution and transmission work.
6 - 1910.269(l)(2) - Grounding requirements for aerial lifts (bucket trucks) under the General Industry 1910.269 and Construction 1926.952 standards.
7 - 1910.269(l)(2) - Exceptions to minimum approach distances for power generation, transmission and distribution
8 - 1910.269(l)(2) - Minimum approach distances when using insulating gloves and sleeves.
9 - 1910.269(l)(2) - Appropriate safety practices for the removal of electrical meters.
10 - 1910.269(l)(2)(i) - Stress cone work: worker protection and job briefings
11 - 1910.269(l)(2)(i) - Conditions allowing the use of insulating gloves without the use of insulating sleeves when working on or near exposed energized parts.