# Standard Interpretations
1 - 1910.132(a) - Seat belt use when operating baggage handling equipment around aircraft and aircraft associated locations.
2 - 1910.132(a) - Guidance on Handling Cases Developed Pursuant to the FRC Enforcement Policy Memorandum.
3 - 1910.132(a) - Payment for ski helmets when used as PPE.
4 - 1910.132(a) - Flame-resistant and flame-retardant treated clothing for oil and gas well drilling, servicing, and production-related operations
5 - 1910.132(a) - Clarification of term "Active Hydrocarbon Zone" as it relates to the oil and gas well drilling operations; and the need to use FRC when performing drilling operations
6 - 1910.132(a) - Enforcement Policy for Flame-Resistant Clothing in Oil and Gas Drilling, Well Servicing, and Production-Related Operations
7 - 1910.132(a) - Painting or placement of adhesive stickers on protective helmet shell.
8 - 1910.132(a) - Requirement for flame-resistant clothing in petrochemical plant covered by PSM.
9 - 1910.132(a) - Fall protection requirements when working from ladders in the telecommunications industry
10 - 1910.132(a) - Requirements for providing seatbelts for drivers whose size precludes their using seatbelts.
11 - 1910.132(a) - Fall protection requirements for commercial motor vehicles.
12 - 1910.132(a) - Fall protection requirements for both residential and commercial HVAC systems; clarification of confined spaces
13 - 1910.132(a) - PPE must be provided for serious sun exposure hazards.
14 - 1910.132(a) - PPE for overexposure to the sun's radiation.
15 - 1910.132(a) - Workers must be protected from hazards of heated (hot) surfaces.
16 - 1910.132(a) - Using sunscreen to shield worker exposure to sun's radiation.
17 - 1910.132(a) - Decision in The Hardaway Co. v. Dole Case.
18 - 1910.132(a) - The acceptability of manhole entries through concentric cone or eccentric cone concrete pipe transition sections to underground workplaces.
19 - 1910.132(a) - Hazards requiring foot protection and criteria for protective footwear.
20 - 1910.132(a) - OSHA regulations governing the use of personal protective equipment.
21 - 1910.132(a) - "Sankey Toe Caps" instead of safety shoes is acceptable.