1 - An employee is bitten on the arm by a patient and the skin is slightly broken with little bleeding present. No medical treatment (beyond first aid) was needed and the case did not involve any days away or restrictions. Is this recordable?
2 - Are sharps/needle stick incidents to be listed on the OSHA 300 Log, even though all such incidents are listed separately on the "Sharps Log"?
3 - Can I use the OSHA 300 Log to meet the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard's requirement for a sharps injury log?
4 - Can you clarify the relationship between the OSHA recordkeeping requirements and the requirements in the Bloodborne Pathogens standard to maintain a sharps injury log?
5 - Does OSHA require a separate record, other than on the 300 form, for needle sticks and exposures?
6 - Does this mean that I must record all cuts, lacerations, punctures, and scratches?
7 - If I record an injury and the employee is later diagnosed with an infectious bloodborne disease, do I need to update the OSHA 300 Log?
8 - Sandy cut her finger. John helped Sandy and got her blood on his hands, which had open sores. We sent him to have some lab work done. At this point, is John's case an OSHA recordable?
9 - What does "other potentially infectious material" mean?
10 - What if one of the employee is splashed or exposed to blood or other potentially infectious material without being cut or scratched?