1 - A corporation pays a licensed professional to offer massage on-site as an employee benefit. The employee chooses by their own to see the on-site professional. Because the work the employee does is physical, he benefits from the soft tissue therapy and us
2 - A doctor places an employee on restricted duty but the employer can not accommodate the restrictions and, as a result, the employee is losing time. Are the lost days recorded as lost time or restricted duty?
3 - A dust particle is removed from the eye using a cotton swab, but prescription eye drops are given to prevent the possibility of infection. Do the eye drops make the case recordable even though they were only precautionary?
4 - A part time employee who works an average of 18 hours per week is injured. She is put on restrictions. Would I count each day that she has been on restrictions or just count 2-3 days per week because that's how many days she normally works?
5 - A physician has diagnosed an employee with carpal tunnel syndrome. There has been no lost/restricted/transfer days or medical treatment beyond first aid. Does carpal tunnel in this case fall under 1904.7(b)(7) as a "significant injury or illness diagnose
6 - A physician includes in a worker's restrictions "no driving" and the worker stays home even though he could take public transportation, or get a ride to work from a co-worker. Would those days be counted as days restricted or days away from work?
7 - A temporary worker is injured and has a job restriction recommended by the physician. The temporary services placement agency reassigns the person to another job in another company where the person can be more productive. Does the injury count as one day
8 - A worker got his nail half broken off while handling the steel rods at a construction site. He was given first aid and the remainder of the nail was removed by a medical practitioner as a precautionary measure to avoid any infection. Is this recordable?
9 - A worker has an exposure in the work environment and it causes an allergic reaction. The worker then uses their prescribed epipen or inhaler. Does the use of this device make this a recordable case?
10 - A worker receives a laceration on a work site. The worker is seen by the on-site nurse, who assesses the laceration injury and deems it treatable through the use of non-invasive means (e.g. steri-strips and/or Band-Aids). After work on the same day, the
11 - An employee bumped his knee on machine guard door. Several days later went to the doctors due to swelling. During the visit the physician drains 3cc of fluid from the employee's knee. Is this recordable?
12 - An employee claims he hurt himself at work. He takes it upon himself to take one or two days off using his own personal time. He does not provide us with any medical documentation to back up his being unable to work and claims he doesn't need to see a do
13 - An employee gets a minor laceration but refuses first-aid treatment. The laceration later becomes infected and requires prescription antibiotics. Can I leave this case off my log because he refused initial treatment that would have prevented the infectio
14 - An employee got something is his eye (dirt/dust) during the workday. At the end of the day the employee went home. During the evening the employee's eye became more irritated and he decided to seek medical attention the next morning before reporting to w
15 - An employee has a repetitive motion injury to the shoulder. The treating physician does not recommend any medical restrictions. However, the physician does give the employee a cortisone injection consisting of 1 cc xylocaine plain and .5 cc of depo medro
16 - An employee hurt his back lifting an object on Saturday. He called off Monday and Tuesday due to his back. He came to work on Wednesday, and then reported the injury. Do I need to record this as a case with days away from work?
17 - An employee hurts his or her left arm and is told by the doctor not to use the left arm for one week. The employee is able to perform all of his or her routine job functions using only the right arm (though at a slower pace and the employee is never requ
18 - An employee injured his back while lifting up a piece of heavy pipe. After work was over he went to see his chiropractor. The chiropractor conducted a few manipulations on the employees back, and according to our employee, he was like new. Is chiropracti
19 - An employee injured his finger. After medical treatment he completed his shift. He worked for a day and further medical referral advised him to have a surgery and rest for 9 days. How do we count the lost days? Should we count the days from the day after
20 - An employee is hired from a local union hall for a short duration. If the employee suffers a lost time injury, but the job is finished days later and the employee is laid off due to a lack of work, does the employer have to continue counting the days awa
21 - An employee is injured and placed on restricted work activity. He is told not to lift more than 15 lbs. If the employee is transferred to a different job because of a company wide reorganization, and the new job does not require lifting more than 15 lbs.
22 - An employee is injured on Monday; however he did not feel medical treatment was necessary. On Thursday the employee was sent to the doctor and returns to work the same day with restrictions. Is Thursday counted as the first day of restricted work activit
23 - An employee is terminated and then the next day he turned in paperwork for a worker's compensation claim. Do I need to record this claim on the OSHA log since he was no longer on the payroll? His doctor provided a note to allow him to return to work with
24 - An employee reports an injury, but does not see a physician for a period of time (a week, for example) and continues to work during that period. Then the physician lists a work restriction. Would I count the calendar days from the day after the injury or
25 - An employee reports to his supervisor that he has been experiencing some neck pain for about 2 weeks, but did not report it because he felt he could work through it, and it would resolve itself. The employee is sent to the doctor on the day he reported t
26 - An employee retires on June 30th. Prior to that, he had been receiving first aid for a work related injury. On July 6th, the employee's personal doctor writes the employee a prescription for the work related injury. Is this recordable?
27 - An employee sees a doctor for a scratched eye that was already flushed by the on-site nurse. The doctor provides the employee with a sample bottle of prescription antibiotic eye drops. No prescription was written. Does this count as an OSHA recordable in
28 - An employee sprained his ankle and was told by the physician to use crutches for five days. No other treatment was provided. Is this case recordable?
29 - An employee states on Dec. 30th 2002 that her hand hurts. On January 3rd she goes to a doctor and is now preparing for surgery. On which year's log is the case recorded, 2002 or 2003?
30 - An employee suffered a blow to the head during the scope of employment. After having been sent to the clinic for evaluation, he was given two days off from work (the date of injury and the following day) as a precaution to watch for signs of a concussion
31 - An employee suffered an injury on Thursday (sprained finger) and continued working. He did not report the injury until Friday morning. On Friday morning, the employee went to the doctor and came back to work with a splint and restrictions that resulted i
32 - An employee suffers a work-related injury and the doctor returns him to work on restricted duty with no time lost. The employer cannot accommodate the work restrictions so the employee is sent home. Do we have to record this as a days away case?
33 - An employee sustained a work related injury and was placed on restriction pending a follow up appointment with the physician. This employee missed his follow up appointment and is now on a personal leave of absence unrelated to his injury. Despite repeat
34 - An employee sustained a work related injury and was placed on restriction pending a follow-up appointment with the physician. There was no end date to the restrictions provided at the first visit. On two occasions the employee missed a scheduled follow-u
35 - An employee sustained a work related injury and was placed on restriction. She worked for a few days with the restriction and then went on a pre-planned vacation. During her vacation, she followed up with the physician who maintained her restriction. She
36 - An employee sustained an allergic reaction to a mosquito bite and was given a steroid shot as medical treatment. Is this considered first aid treatment (and therefore not OSHA recordable), or is this considered a recordable incident?
37 - An employee sustains a back injury in 2015. She was in continuous pain and finally had surgery 1 year later. During the surgery a nerve was damaged. Now in 2017 she had further surgery to repair the damaged nerve and will have days missed from work as a
38 - An employee was diagnosed with a work related hernia and received an experimental surgery to repair it. The surgery failed and now requires 2 more corrective surgeries spread over a 6-month period, during which time he is unable to work. Does the employe
39 - An employee was hurt on 2/25, goes to ER and the doctor states she can return to work in two days. She is out 2/26 and 2/27, has off 2/28, takes a personal day 3/1 and returns to works on 3/2. Do I count 2 days out or 4 days?
40 - An employee was injured and received first aid by a physician at a local hospital and was given a prescription for a pain killer "to be filled if necessary". Is this recordable?
41 - An employee was injured on 9/21. He went to the Urgent Care doctor, who sent him to the hospital for an MRI. The doctor required the employee to return to him the next day to interpret the results of the MRI. The MRI was good, but the employee could not
42 - An employee was off of work for 8 days then returned for 4 days on light duty. The doctor then placed him off of work again for 20 more days. Do I count total days out from work or only the second set of days he was out?
43 - An employee was on restricted duty at the time of discharge. He was not released by his doctor to full duty until sometime after his last day of employment. When counting days of restricted duty, is the count stopped at the last day of employment? Or are
44 - An employee was placed on restricted work due to a work related injury for one month. During this one month period, the employee called in sick twice due to non-injury related reasons. Do I count these two absences in my number of "Restricted Days/Job Tr
45 - An employee was put on light duty restrictions on December 6th. On December 30th we did not have any work for her under these restrictions. The doctor's notes have her able to work under light duty. Until we are able to find work for her under her restri
46 - An employee was transported via ambulance following an on the job automobile incident. He was examined at the Emergency Room and was subsequently released without treatment to return to his normal job duties. During transport via ambulance, the paramedic
47 - An employee who was given notice of termination and then was hurt on a job site; his time with us was up 10 days after the accident. Do I only record the 10 days or do I have to enter more than that in my records?
48 - An employee who was injured in 2001 had days away from work and restricted work that ran over into 2002. Do I record his days away from work in 2002 onto the 2002 log or do I go back and record it on the 2001 log when the accident actually occurred?
49 - An employee working with a pneumatic air gun was injured when the mechanical drive on the gun sheared. He was sent to medical, x-rays taken proved negative (no break or fracture to the arm) and was given a prescription for an anti-inflammatory drug to re
50 - An employee's injury is listed on the 300 log as a work related injury involving restricted work activity. The injury results in more than 180 days of restricted work activity. The days of restricted activity are recorded as 180. Later in the year, this
51 - An employee's job profile is lifting/moving boxes up to 20lbs. One day he hurt his back at work. The employee was assigned to folding corner pads for days till his back got rested and was moved to his regular job duties. Is this recordable?
52 - Are electrocardiograms considered medical treatment for recordkeeping purposes?
53 - Are surgical glues used to treat lacerations considered "first aid?"
54 - Are transfers to another job recorded in the same way as restricted work cases?
55 - Are work-related cases involving chipped or broken teeth recordable?
56 - Do I count the day on which the injury occurred or the illness began?
57 - Do I have to record restricted work or job transfer if it applies only to the day on which the injury occurred or the illness began?
58 - Do injuries requiring first aid only even though administered by a medical professional have to be recorded?
59 - Do we record cases if first aid is conducted in the emergency room at the local hospital (such as cleaning or wrapping a cut with no stitches)?
60 - Do x-rays make a case recordable?
61 - Does the 180 day cap include both lost work days and restricted days or should each be capped at 180 days?
62 - Does the diagnosis by a physician of a chipped bone constitute a recordable injury as is a fractured bone?
63 - Does the employer have to record a work-related injury and illness, if an employee experiences minor musculoskeletal discomfort, the health care professional determines that the employee is fully able to perform all of his or her routine job functions, b
64 - Does the professional status of the person providing the treatment have any effect on what is considered first aid or medical treatment?
65 - Does the repair of a crown on a person's tooth qualify as "medical treatment" for recordkeeping purposes?
66 - Does the use of a TENS device constitute medical treatment for record keeping purposes?
67 - Does the use of Dermabond in repairing a laceration make it a recordable injury?
68 - Does using a magnet to remove metallic particles from the eye constitute medical treatment?
69 - For medications that have both prescription and non-prescription strengths, how to I determine what level is first aid and what level is medical treatment?
70 - How do I count days away from work for an employee who works on an as-needed/as available basis? She has been incapacitated due to on-the-job injury since mid-September, which totals approximately eighty calendar days. However, had she been able to work,
71 - How do I count days of job transfer or restriction?
72 - How do I count lost time days for a part time employee. We have a part time worker (2-4 days / week) who is injured and will miss some work. Do we count by straight calendar days? Or do we count by the number of days the part time worker was scheduled to
73 - How do I count the number of days an employee was off work due to a workplace injury when the employee works on a part-time, as-needed basis?
74 - How do I count weekends, holidays, or other days the employee would not have worked anyway?
75 - How do I decide if an injury or illness involved a transfer to another job?
76 - How do I decide if the injury or illness resulted in restricted work?
77 - How do I determine whether an Over-The-Counter medication is considered prescription strength?
78 - How do I handle a case when a physician or other licensed health care professional recommends that the worker return to work but the employee stays at home anyway?
79 - How do I handle vague restriction from a physician or other licensed health care professional, such as that the employee engage only in "light duty" or "take it easy for a week"?
80 - How do I record a case in which a worker is injured or become ill on a Friday and reports to work on a Monday, and was not scheduled to work on the weekend?
81 - How do I record a case in which a worker is injured or become ill on the day before scheduled time off such as a holiday, a planned vacation, or a temporary plant closing?
82 - How do I record a case in which the employee was prescribed restricted work activity and we made it available, but the employee decides on his own, to refuse the restricted work and stays home instead?
83 - How do I record a case where the doctor recommends that the employee be placed restricted duty or job transfer but there are no restricted duty or job transfer jobs for this person to do therefore the employee was sent home by the company?
84 - How do I record a case where the worker works only for a partial work shift because of a work-related injury or illness?
85 - How do I record a work-related injury or illness that results in days away from work?
86 - How do I record a work-related injury or illness that results in restricted work or job transfer?
87 - How do I record an injury if a physician or other licensed health care professional recommends a job restriction meeting OSHA's definition, AND the employer has temporary alternate work available, but the employee chooses not to come to work?
88 - How do I record an injury or illness that involves medical treatment beyond first aid?
89 - How do we record time lost from work on injuries from prior years? For instance, an employee is injured in the year 2009, but has surgery related to the injury in 2010 and misses time out of work. Where and how should this lost time be recorded?
90 - How long must a modification to a job last before it can be considered a permanent modification under section 1904.7(b)(4)(xi)?
91 - How many days are to be counted in the case of a recordable occupational death?
92 - How many days away from work are accounted for a work related fatality?
93 - How should I record an injury if the treating physician recommends modified / restricted duty for an employee, but the employer has no work to accommodate the employee's restrictions and therefore the employee must stay home?
94 - How would the employer record the change on the OSHA 300 Log for an injury or illness after the injured worker reached the cap of 180 days for restricted work and then was assigned to "days away from work"?
95 - How would you determine the number of days on restricted work activity if the employee does not return for follow-up medical and therefore is never officially released for full-duty?
96 - I am an onsite licensed physical therapist for a manufacturing company. If an employee pops into my office and complains of some mild discomfort (such as neck pain) related to his job and I observe him performing his job and make suggestions for use of a
97 - I am working on form 300 and have an employee who was injured in 2009. He was off work all of 2010 due to surgery, physical therapy, and complications. Do I record the case on the 2009, 2010 and 2011 Logs?
98 - I have an employee who injured his back at work while lifting. The employee reported to the medical dept. which sent him home for the remainder of the work shift, but received no other treatment of any kind. The employee returned to work the next day and
99 - I have an employee who was injured and off work for several days, and has been on restricted duty for a few months. When recording the number of days for each, do I count Saturday's, Sunday's and holidays?
100 - I have read in the record keeping regulation that the following are automatically recordable "significant injuries": cancer, chronic irreversible disease, a fracture or cracked bone, or a punctured eardrum. I am unclear if the following are recordable or
101 - I understand that in classifying a case you check the most severe consequence so for a case with both days away and restricted days you would check column H. However, would you enter the number of days for both restrictions and days away or would you onl
102 - If a case occurs in one year but result in days away during the next calendar year, do I record the case in both years?
103 - If a doctor gives an employee a sample of prescription strength medication, is it recordable?
104 - If a doctor is dealing with someone who is very excited because they have been injured and the physician gives the employee a single dose of a drug to calm the employee down (assisting diagnosis), would that be a recordable injury?
105 - If a physician or other licensed health care professional recommends medical treatment, days away from work or restricted work activity as a result of a work-related injury or illness can the employer decline to record the case based on a contemporaneous
106 - If a work-related injury results in both days away from work and restricted duty days, is the total number of days (lost time + restricted duty) capped at 180 days or would the 180 day cap apply individually to lost time and restricted duty (i.e., Lost t
107 - If a worker is involved in a fatal injury on the work site is there a standard number of days away entered into the days away column (column K) on the OSHA log?
108 - If a worker stepped on a nail and is given a tetanus shot to treat that injury (no lost time), is this a recordable case?
109 - If an associate is injured and is released back to work with restrictions. Three days later that he doesn't want to come to work and calls his doctor stating he has knee pain and asks for a note from his doctor. The doctor then gives him 2 days off from
110 - If an employee chips a tooth that is a crown is this a recordable?
111 - If an employee declares himself unfit for work due to a work related event is it recordable as a case involving days away from work?
112 - If an employee developed a rash from oil used in the manufacturing process and was given an OTC cream at the clinic, is that considered "more than first aid"?
113 - If an employee had an injury and went to the doctor and had an x-ray done but nothing was broken and no further treatment was provided, is this a recordable injury?
114 - If an employee has an injury, is hospitalized and dies 10 days after the accidents do we count the 10 days prior to the death as lost work days?
115 - If an employee has an object in his eye that is NOT embedded, but the medic chooses to remove it with a magnet instead of a cotton swab. Is this injury recordable?
116 - If an employee has been released by the doctor to "light duty", however, the employer cannot accommodate the restrictions (has no place for the employee to work) - is that recorded as "days away" or "restricted days" on the OSHA log?
117 - If an employee has been released for light duty, but we don't have any light duty available, do I record this as restricted duty or days off?
118 - If an employee has both lost time and restricted duty, does the cap mean a total of both categories or 180 days for each category separately?
119 - If an employee has days away from work that span one year to the next (e.g. out from December through March), do you go back and update the previous year's log to reflect the total days out?
120 - If an employee has missed work days due to injury and then has returns to work on restricted duty, do you record both the lost days and the restricted days on the 300 log?
121 - If an employee has surgery for a work related injury and misses one day (not the date of the injury) for the surgery which was on a Friday and returns to work on Monday, is this a recordable case with days away from work?
122 - If an employee injures themselves and goes to see a physician the next day, is it considered a Lost Work Day because it is not the day the injury took place?
123 - If an employee is given a prescription by the doctor, but does NOT use it, is it still considered medical treatment?
124 - If an employee is having surgery due to a work related injury, is the day of surgery considered a day away from work, or is that just time spent seeking medical treatment?
125 - If an employee is injured and accumulates 200 restricted days in the period from January to July then has 10 days away from work in August, how do I record the case?
126 - If an employee is injured and is given a couple of days off by a doctor, but on that first day after seeing the doctor asks to be and is laid off, would that incident still be counted as a Days Away from Work Case?
127 - If an employee is injured in the year 2003 and is out of work into the year 2004...how do you record their lost work days/restricted duty days for the OSHA Log 2003?
128 - If an employee leaves the company after experiencing a work-related injury or illness that results in days away from work and/or days of restricted work/job transfer how would an employer record the case?
129 - If an employee loses his arm in a work-related accident and can never return to his job, how is the case recorded? Is the day count capped at 180 days?
130 - If an employee misses a day of work due to an injury which is not reported to the employer, nor are they assessed by a health care professional who recommends days of work, is this classified as a lost time injury?
131 - If an employee obtains an injury at work and the next day on there scheduled day off calls the employer and requests to be seen by a doctor and the doctor says they can return to full duty their first scheduled day back to work is this an OSHA recordable
132 - If an employee presents a work status that indicates they are able to perform restricted work or light duty work yet we do not have work available that meets the restrictions, should we enter the number of days under "On Job Transfer or Restriction" or "
133 - If an employee receives a RX from the doctor, but does not fill the RX, is it recordable based on the RX itself?
134 - If an employee returns to work after being off with an injury, but only returns for a 4 hr. day instead of their normal 8 hr. day how is this counted?
135 - If an employee sees a doctor for a minor injury and receives an optional, one-time pain medication shot at prescription strength, is it considered a recordable?
136 - If an employee sends his supervisor a text message stating that he won't be coming in today due to his knee being sore from hurting it at work the day before, stays home and then returns to work the next day without seeing a physician, does the day he sa
137 - If an employee strikes his tooth on a pipe stand while performing a task and looses the cap from his tooth, and the dentist replaces it, is it a recordable case?
138 - If an employee sustains a work related injury in 2002 and doesn't report it until 2003, which Log should the information be recorded on? Should it be recorded on the 2002 or the 2003 form?
139 - If an employee was not put on any type of restrictions by a doctor due to a job related injury, but the employer reassigns his/her duties as a precautionary measure, would it be recorded as a restricted duty incident on the 300 log?
140 - If an employee who routinely works ten hours a day is restricted from working more than eight hours following a work-related injury, is the case recordable?
141 - If an employee with a recordable work related injury is released to restricted work but the level of restrictions results in no available modified work with the employer, is the time the employee remains out considered days away versus restricted work ac
142 - If an employee with a work related injury goes to a chiropractor and receives an "adjustment" procedure, is this considered "medical treatment" under the recordkeeping requirements?
143 - If an employee with a work related injury goes to the hospital and gets stitches, would that be considered a recordable case?
144 - If an injured employee is given a restriction "Use as tolerated" or "Keep injured area clean, dry and covered", would that injury be recorded as involving days of restriction on the OSHA 300 Log?
145 - If an injured employee is given samples by a doctor but is not given a prescription is this considered medical treatment?
146 - If an injury is recordable with restricted time assigned by a physician, (released to return to work the following day, with restrictions) and the employee decides to miss work due to the injury, am I required to change my OSHA log to reflect a day away?
147 - If an injury occurred in 2002 but days were lost in 2003, how would that be recorded?
148 - If glue is used to close a wound, is it considered medical treatment or first aid?
149 - If I have an employee had lacerations to his hand requiring stitches, would that be an "other" recordable case?
150 - If I have an employee who has a work related incident and the only note from the attending physician is to "keep the wound clean/dry/covered", is this considered a restriction and therefore recordable on the 300 Log?
151 - If recording a death do you have to put in the maximum of 180 days away from work in column K?
152 - If someone is placed on job transfer or restricted duty, and you can accommodate this light duty only a few days a week, are the other days automatically considered days away from work?
153 - If the injured or ill worker produces fewer goods or services than he or she would have produced prior to the injury or illness but otherwise perform all of the routine functions of his or her work, is the case considered a restricted work case?
154 - If you or a physician or other licensed health care professional recommends a work restriction, is the injury or illness automatically recordable as a "restricted work" case?
155 - In a case where the employee is working restricted duty, and takes days off for personal reasons, do we still include those days in our total? This employee is working modified duty through his next doctor's appointment which falls after the allotted vac
156 - Is a broken nose considered recordable? Is there a difference if its only cartilage that was broken or if the nasal bone was broken?
157 - Is an arm sling considered first aid (a non-rigid means of support)?
158 - Is Dermabond (cyanoacrylate) considered first aid or Medical treatment when used in place of sutures in wound closure?
159 - Is every work-related injury or illness case involving a loss of consciousness recordable?
160 - Is giving a one time dose of injectable medication considered medical treatment or first aid?
161 - Is the employer subject to a citation for violating section 1904.7(b)(4) (viii) if an employee fails to follow a recommended work restriction?
162 - Is the use of a rigid finger guard considered first aid?
163 - Is the use of derma bond considered medical care beyond first aid?
164 - Is there a limit to the number of days away from work I must count?
165 - Is ultrasound treatment considered as medical treatment beyond first aid?
166 - Item N on the first aid list is "drinking fluids for relief of heat stress." Does this include administering intravenous (IV) fluids?
167 - May I stop counting days if an employee who is away from work because of an injury or illness retires or leaves my company?
168 - My employee fell and bruised her knee. It was elevated and iced for 30 minutes. She did not lose any work time. The next day, she did go to a walk-in clinic and had it x-rayed. There was no fracture. Because she still had pain, she saw our medical direct
169 - Once an employer has recorded a case involving days away from work, restricted work or medical treatment and the employee has returned to his regular work or has received the course of recommended medical treatment, is it permissible for the employer to
170 - One of my employees broke his foot and is working from home. Should his time home be consider as days away from work or restricted work activity?
171 - One of our employees sustained an injury and received restrictions from our medical provider. Her work group rotates assignments monthly. She is able to fulfill all the job functions of her current assignment, and her restrictions will be lifted before a
172 - Our business manufactures fishing tackle. We occasionally have an employee whose finger gets punctured by a fish hook while assembling the lure. We are sometimes able to get the hook out by one of our staff; other times it is necessary to have the hook r
173 - Section 1904.7(b)(5)(ii) of the rule defines first aid, in part, as "removing splinters or foreign material from areas other than the eye by irrigation, tweezers, cotton swabs or other simple means." What are "other simple means" of removing splinters th
174 - Sense a tetanus immunization is a preventative medication and is not considered medical treatment for recordkeeping purposes, are other preventative medications first aid or medical treatment? For example if a person is bitten by a dog and the Physician
175 - The day the employee was injured the doctor released him off work for that same day. Would I count this 1 day under the "away from work" section in the Form 300?
176 - To record a case as lost time, is a doctor's note required?
177 - We employ many temporary, seasonal and part time employees. If one of them has a work related accident, how do I record lost time on the OSHA log?
178 - We had an employee fall and chip a tooth. He went to the dentist and had a small cap placed on the tooth. Is this considered a recordable injury?
179 - We had an employee get hurt and put on restricted duty by the doctor, but he chose to go home instead of doing the restricted work we had lined up for him. Does that make the case a lost time case?
180 - We had an employee get hurt and put on restricted duty, but he chose to go home instead of doing the restricted work we had lined up for him. Does that make the case a case with days away or do we just count the days of restricted duty that the doctor ga
181 - We had two injury incidents occur recently. The injuries were a bone chip to the end of a finger, and a depression in the bone of a finger. The physicians called the injuries a "tuft fracture" and a "divot fracture". In these instances the bone chip and
182 - We have a zero tolerance policy for drug use and any employee testing positive for drugs from random or post accident or reasonable cause is grounds for immediate dismissal. If we have an employee injured on the job that results in days away and they tes
183 - We have an employee that was injured on the job 2/23 and has been working light duty, within his restrictions ever since. While working light duty, he was injured on the job again (different injury and body part) on 4/08. We have light duty within the re
184 - We have an employee who developed a rash from using Latex gloves. She went to the doctor and received a prescription cream. Is this recordable?
185 - We have an employee who normally work seven 8 hour days each week. As a result of an injury the employee was limited to working five 8 hour days per week. Would this be a lost workday case since he was still able to work 40 hours per week?
186 - We have an employee who was injured on 9-13. He remained at work. On 9-14 he left work during the day to seek medical treatment. The doctor advised him that he was to remain off work until 9-18. It turns out that this employee was going to be laid off st
187 - We have an employee who was injured on the job, and returned to 'restricted' duty. We no longer have work available that meets his restrictions and we will have to lay him off. Will he now be considered as being on 'lost time' due to the fact that we are
188 - We have an employee who was laid-off for economic reasons while on restricted duty. Do I count the lay-off days as restricted days on the OSHA 300 log?
189 - We have an employee who was requested to come back to modified work but refused. As a result, we have terminated his employment. Is the time subsequent to his termination now considered "days away" that we need to document on the log?
190 - We have several part-time employees that have sustained an injury and are instructed to be out of work from their healthcare provider. Due to the fact that the employees do not have a regular work schedule and are called in on an as needed basis, how do
191 - What do I do if a physician or other licensed health care professional recommends a job restriction meeting OSHA's definition, but the employee does all of his or her routine job functions anyway?
192 - What if a physician or other licensed care professional recommends medical treatment but the employee does not follow the recommendation?
193 - What is "first aid"?
194 - What is a "significant" diagnosed injury or illness that is recordable under the general criteria even if it does not result in death, days away from work, restricted work or job transfer, medical treatment beyond first aid, or loss of consciousness?
195 - What is meant by "routine functions"?
196 - What is the definition of medical treatment?
197 - What is the difference between surgical glue and liquid bandage?
198 - When a person goes to the hospital because of a cut, and the doctor applies an adhesive glue, is this considered an OSHA recordable?
199 - When an accident happens in one year, but the days away or days restricted continue through to the next year, do you have to record the injury on both years' 300 log?
200 - When an employee is terminated for reasons not relating to the work related injury, but is still under medical restrictions from work and continues to receive treatment, can we stop recording days at the date of separation from the employer?
201 - When an injured worker is placed on restrictions but the employer cannot accommodate the restrictions, do we capture those days as days of restricted work activity or days away from work?
202 - When recording days of work restriction or days away from work do I count only the employee's days scheduled to work or do I count calendar days?
203 - While an employee is working in a modified position from a work related injury, he sustains another injury which results in further restrictions. Do I record days of modified duty on both cases or just on the second injury on the 300 log?
204 - With regards to employee injury reporting and recording, how do I handle a case when an employee is injured at work and they refuse to get medical attention, however they call out for work for one or more days?