1 - A person is injured at work and is away from work as a result. During that time the person develops depression and is unable to come back to work. The person has a diagnosis from a physician which says that it is a mental health disorder related to the i
2 - An employee has a work-related shoulder injury resulting in days of restricted work activity. While working on restricted duty, the employee sustains a foot injury which results in a different work restriction. How would the employer record these cases?
3 - An employee has an injury to his left wrist and went to the doctor and was given restrictions. The case was recorded. Now the employee, weeks later, told the doctor that the right wrist hurts and was given restrictions for that wrist. Is this considered
4 - How is an employer to determine whether an employee has "recovered completely" from a previous injury or illness such that a later injury or illness of the same type affecting the same part of the body resulting from an event or exposure at work is a "ne
5 - I have an employee that was injured 3 months ago. Her injury was recorded and treated and resolved. Now she says it is bothering her again due to work and wants further follow up. Do I record it as another injury or is it a continuation of the same injur
6 - If an employee has a back injury in March and then again in September of the same year, can they be combined as one case?
7 - May I rely on a physician or other licensed health care professional to determine whether a case is a new case or a recurrence of an old case?
8 - When an employee experiences the signs or symptoms of a chronic work-related illness, do I need to consider each recurrence of signs or symptoms to be a new case?
9 - When an employee experiences the signs or symptoms of an injury or illness as a result of an event or exposure in the workplace, such as an episode asthma, must I treat the episode as a new case?