1 - A 64 yr. old male twists his knee and is treated with a Non-prescription medication, and is sent for further diagnostic purposes (MRI). Upon completion of the MRI it is determined that there was no injury to the knee but the patient was diagnosed with ar
2 - A company has been notified that an employee may have been exposed to TB while overseas while working. Is this a recordable case?
3 - A resident in our nursing home bit a staff member. The skin of the staff member was broke. We conducted standard washing of the wound and an HIV test was given. There was no loss of work. Should this incident be logged on the OSHA 300?
4 - A salesman, who works out of his private home, slips and falls on ice in his driveway. The employee states he was carrying company property at the time of his fall. Is this work-related?
5 - A supervisor was shouting at an employee. The employee felt stressed and his general doctor told him to take some time off from work. Is this an OSHA 300 recordable case?
6 - A worker is participating in a "lineman's rodeo", sponsored by the employer, on the employer's property, but not on company time. The worker falls and injures his back and breaks his leg. He is off work for weeks. Is this an OSHA recordable injury?
7 - A worker was walking down the office corridor, tripped and required medical treatment for a twisted ankle. There was nothing in the workplace that caused the fall (no tripping hazards, no slippery floor, no uneven surface, nothing or anyone on his way).
8 - An employee arrived at work 45 minutes early one day and had a bug bite him on the finger. It turned a little red. The nurse wiped it off with an alcohol swab gave him some prescription antibiotic cream for one application. Is this an OSHA recordable cas
9 - An employee arrives for work. As she is walking across the parking lot prior to the start of her shift, she is bitten by a wasp/bee and has an allergic reaction. She is taken to the doctor where she is given an injection and a prescription. Is this case
10 - An employee comes in to work and they are extremely distraught and stressed due to personal matters outside of work. While at work, the employee has an anxiety attack and faints. Would this be considered an OSHA recordable?
11 - An employee died of a heart attack during working hours. He died while sitting in the lobby talking with a co-worker. The employee has a history of hypertension and high blood pressure. Is this case recordable?
12 - An employee exited the building, and slipped and fell (suffering a sprained knee) while clearing snow from their personal vehicle prior to exiting the parking lot. Does the act of clearing snow qualify for the exception listed in 29 CFR 1905(b)(2)(v) for
13 - An employee experienced an injury or illness in the work environment before they had "clocked in" for the day. Is the case considered work related even if that employee was not officially "on the clock" for pay purposes?
14 - An employee finishes his scheduled work day at 5 PM and clocks out. The employee leaves the employer's building and walks on a publically owned sidewalk towards his car. The car is parked in a church parking lot, where the church has agreed to allow the
15 - An employee from FL traveled to Las Vegas for work. He went out to dinner, slipped on the wet floor at the restaurant, fell and had a concussion and closed head injury. He was taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital. He did receive medical treatment a
16 - An employee has his coat hanging over a chair at work and has a chicken sandwich in the pocket. The employee reaches into the pocket to get the sandwich and receives multiple fire ant bites on his hand. Is this work-related? Company policy is to disallow
17 - An employee is going to their car to obtain personal paperwork during her normal working hours. While walking to her car she trips and breaks her foot. Does this constitute a work related injury since she was conducting non-work related business at the t
18 - An employee is off the worksite for lunch and has an incident that results in injury. The employee is an hourly employee whom gets a paid lunch. Does this then become a recordable since he is on the clock when the injury occurred?
19 - An employee is performing a work related duty, receives an injury requiring sutures to close, and is subsequently terminated for failing a post accident drug test. Is this case recordable?
20 - An employee is walking into work and collapses as a result of a heart attack. Is this a recordable case?
21 - An employee misstepped and his knee buckled. When being examined by the doctor an MRI was ordered. The MRI confirmed long term damage to the knee including bone-on-bone and cartilage damage. Would this condition meet the exception under 1904.5(b)(2)(ii)
22 - An employee on business travel has checked into his temporary home away from home, and reported to his work location first thing in the morning. At lunch that day, the employee goes to a local restaurant to eat with a coworker. When walking to the restau
23 - An employee out on 8 week maternity leave, visits the site during leave, to turn in some documents, trips and falls in the parking lot when leaving. The employee is not coming to work, is not leaving work, is not scheduled to work. There is no rule requi
24 - An employee parked his vehicle in a shared parking lot prior to coming to work (not a "company parking lot"). As he exited his vehicle, he tripped and was injured . Is this injury work related?
25 - An employee receives an insect bite, goes to the doctor and receives a prescription medication. Is this injury a recordable?
26 - An employee reported a foreign body in one of his eyes from the night before. He stated that he did not feel anything go into his eye during the course of the previous work day. When he got home from work he took a shower and later felt something in his
27 - An employee slips on ice and falls, sustaining an injury. The slip/fall occurred in the parking lot where most of our employees - as well as employees of other employers occupying the same building - use to access the workspace we lease in the building.
28 - An employee trips in the company parking lot over a curb or parking chock at 4:35 PM after clocking out at 4:30 PM. The resultant injury requires sutures so is more than first aid. Even though the employee has suffered a recordable level injury on compan
29 - An employee walked outside our facility and was stung by a bee. She is highly allergic and sought medical treatment that resulted in treatment beyond first aid. Although she was not in the course of her job duties, would this be considered a recordable c
30 - An employee was bitten by a tick. The employee was seen by an MD to ensure that the tick had been completely removed by the employee. The doctor gave the employee a single dose of antibiotic as a prophylaxis against Lyme disease. The employee was not ill
31 - An employee was coming to work, parked their car in the employee parking lot, got out of the car and proceeded to slip and fall (incurring an injury), prior to entering the work site. The employee was evaluated and lost time from work. Would this be a OS
32 - An employee was exiting the cafeteria at work and stopped to help clean up spilled salad dressing. He slipped and fell. Would this be considered work related as he was not in the scope of his duties? He has a desk job, was just helping.
33 - An employee was going for lunch and sprained his left ankle while rushing and slipping down a staircase in an office building. His reason for rushing is he did not want to keep his colleagues waiting for him. X-ray at hospital showed no fracture and he w
34 - An employee was in our company parking lot, stepped out of her car and fell as she stepped out of the car. She injured her arm. Is this case work-related?
35 - An employee was operating a company vehicle during his normal work hours. The employee became involved in an accident and sustained injuries requiring him to be taken to a hospital. The employee was required to give a urine and blood sample per company r
36 - An employee went snowmobiling with a customer during lunch. The employee fell off the snowmobile, got injured and is on restricted duty. Since this was a non-business activity and he did it on his own free will (the customer just happened to be with him)
37 - An employee went to the parking smoking area. He was walking while smoking in the parking area. While getting off the footpath, the employee overlooked a ditch next to foot path. As a result, his right ankle got twisted and he fell down on the road. This
38 - An employee while in the work area and on duty threw a stapler at another employee and struck him in the head. The laceration required a few stitches. Would you consider this a recordable accident?
39 - An employee who suffers from epilepsy experienced a seizure in the work environment during her assigned working hours and as a consequence , fell and suffered an injury. As a result of the fall she required days away from work. Is the accident recordable
40 - An employee who was stung by a wasp on the job and was given a prescription allergy shot. Is this recordable on the OSHA Form 300?
41 - An employee working at an office building slips and falls, suffering an injury that requires medical treatment. The incident occurred in the building lobby that is shared by multiple tenants and is maintained by the building owner. The employee had compl
42 - An employer provides a table tennis table/ping pong table in the kitchen for employees to voluntary use on meal breaks. If an employee was to sustain an injury when playing ping pong, would this be classified as non-work related (as it is solely voluntar
43 - An office employee driving a company vehicle on their normal commute to the office was involved in an accident. If the employee required medical treatment would this have to be recorded?
44 - An office employee is driving a company vehicle on their normal commute to the office. When hitting the breaks, the employee was struck by an unsecured object in the vehicle. If the employee requires medical treatment would this have to be recorded?
45 - An office worker falls from a desk because he decides to change the light over it on his own (an activity that is not part of his work). He was taken to the hospital and was given days off work because of lower back pain from the impact. Is this recordab
46 - Any employee reported an injury - a broken hand. The employee had punched a wall at work out of frustration. Does this case meet the definition of work related and therefore must be recorded on the OSHA LOG?
47 - Are cases of workplace violence considered work-related under the new Recordkeeping rule?
48 - Are injuries sustained in a fight at the workplace considered work-related?
49 - Are tick/insect bites to be recorded on the OHSA log?
50 - Are we responsible to record injuries occurring from an auto accident when the employee is on their way to or from work?
51 - Do we need to record injuries caused due to sole negligence of third parties on work site?
52 - How do I decide if a case is work-related when the employee is working at home?
53 - How do I decide whether an injury or illness is work-related if the employee is on travel status at the time the injury or illness occurs?
54 - How do I handle a case if it is not obvious whether the precipitating event or exposure occurred in the work environment or occurred away from work?
55 - How does OSHA define a "company parking lot" for purposes of Recordkeeping?
56 - How would a company record an injury that was a result of a personal medical illness (diabetes)? The employee felt weak, started to faint, fell and broke their hip.
57 - If a local truck driver left his last stop and was heading home and had an accident and needed medical help other than first aid, would this be an OSHA recordable?
58 - If a maintenance employee is cleaning the parking lot or an access road and is injured as a result, is the case work-related?
59 - If a man is injured on my site while changing into clothes required for work, prior to the start of his shift, is this injury work related?
60 - If a worker is stung by a bee and has to go to the doctor due to swelling is it considered an OSHA recordable.
61 - If an employee dies during surgery made necessary by a work-related injury or illness, is the case recordable? What if the surgery occurs weeks or months after the date of the injury or illness?
62 - If an employee fails a post accident screen for illegal drugs and alcohol is a workplace accident still considered to be work related?
63 - If an employee falls in the company parking lot but has not punched the clock, is this work related?
64 - If an employee has an adverse reaction to a smallpox vaccination; is it recordable under OSHA's recordkeeping rule?
65 - If an employee has arrived in the parking lot of our facility but has not clocked or signed in, and they trip and fall going from the automobile to the clock-in location and breaks a leg, is this recordable?
66 - If an employee is in an auto accident while commuting to work in a company vehicle, is this work-related?
67 - If an employee of a company is commuting from home to a local worksite in a company vehicle and becomes involved in a motor vehicle accident that results in a fatality of the employee, does the accident get recorded on the OSHA 300 log?
68 - If an employee receives a bee sting (or any other bug bite) at work and has an allergic reaction requiring prescription medication and/or days off work, is this considered a recordable injury?
69 - If an employee stays at work after normal work hours to prepare for the next day's tasks and is injured, is the case work-related? For example, if an employee stays after work to prepare air-sampling pumps and is injured, is the case work-related?
70 - If an employee sustains and injury while on a paid break period, is the injury work-related?
71 - If an employee voluntarily takes work home and is injured while working at home, is the case recordable?
72 - If an employee who sustains a work-related injury requiring days away from work is terminated for drug use based on the results of a post-accident drug test, how is the case recorded? May the employer stop the day count upon termination of the employee f
73 - If an employee works for a U.S. based company but travels to the Bahamas to do work on behalf of their employer and is injured, is that injury recordable?
74 - If an employee, while at work, aggravates a pre-existing condition/injury that was not received in the workplace and receives steroid shots for the pain, even though the employee was already receiving steroid shots for the pre-existing injury, is this a
75 - If an employee's pre-existing medical condition causes an incident which results in a subsequent injury, is the case work-related? For example, if an employee suffers an epileptic seizure, falls, and breaks his arm, is the case covered by the exception i
76 - If there was baby powder on the floor of the ladies restroom at work and someone falls onto the floor due to the baby powder is the incident considered work-related?
77 - Injuries that lead to a days away from work resulted from a dispute between workers inside the company. Is this case recordable?
78 - Is a case considered work related if an employee is involved in an auto accident during their commute home if they are using company provided transportation?
79 - Is an injury resulting from workplace violence work-related recordable?
80 - Is work-related stress recordable as a mental illness case?
81 - Our company has experienced two minor injuries that resulted in a positive drug screen following our post accident testing program. Does the positive result have any bearing on the recordability of the injury?
82 - Our company will be hosting a Family Fun Day next to the main office. Attendance is voluntary and employees are allowed to bring family members. If an employee gets injured and requires medical treatment would this be an OSHA recordable case?
83 - Recently we had an employee bump his knee on a forklift. He went to the Emergency Room to have it checked out and they gave him no restrictions and he missed no work. He worked for a week without any problems until the weekend. While carrying his child o
84 - Recently we had an employee that while working in her designated work area, was bitten by a spider. The employee was taken to the doctor where she was given a tetanus shot and an antibiotic prescription as preventative against an infection. She was given
85 - Six employees were returning to the office from a trade show that they were working at. They were involved in a traffic accident where the van they were riding in was struck by another car. Several of the employees required medical treatment. Would we ne
86 - Some employees work on an off-Friday. The company furnishes lunch for these occasions. An employee was consuming the lunch while at their work-station, and bit on an olive pit. The employee's tooth was broken. Is this a recordable case?
87 - The employee ended his shift and went to the locker room to change into his street clothes. His foot got caught in his pants leg causing him to fall over at an odd angle. When this occurred the associate broke his small toe. Would this be considered a re
88 - There is a fight between two employees in a plant over a personal matter in the rest room and one is injured. Is this work related?
89 - There was an injury that occurred in the workplace that involved horseplay. Is this OSHA work-related?
90 - This question involves the following sequence of events: Employee A drives to work, parks her car in the company parking lot and is walking across the lot when she is struck by a car driven by employee B, who is commuting to work. Both employees are seri
91 - Two office workers go off site from the office to have lunch. While there personal vehicle is waiting at a near-by red light, they are struck by another vehicle. The employees were examined at the ER and released. One employee received prescription stren
92 - Under 1904, is an injury considered work related if an employee slips and falls on ice in the company's parking lot while walking between their automobile and the facility and prior to the start and/or after the end of their normal workday?
93 - Upon reporting to work, an employee slips on an icy patch of the parking lot falls and injures a knee. The injury results in 23 days of restricted duty. Since the incident occurred in the employee parking lot, would this be a recordable injury?
94 - We had an associate sustain a contusion and minor abrasion to the right hand (no bleeding). The associate was treated with first aid by our on-site medical provider and sent back to work. Approximately 2 weeks later the associate returned to on-site medi
95 - We had an employee conducting office work that was simply walking to another employee's cubicle during which she twisted her foot and sustained a fracture. The investigation revealed that there were no physical conditions or factors associated to the wor
96 - We had an incident where an employee was working with a hammer and chisel and hit his hand and received a small injury. He removed his glove and saw a small cut with some blood. When he saw the blood he fainted and fell on the platform where he hit with
97 - We have an employee who had a job related injury, which resulted in work restrictions. As is required by our Company, he had to submit to a post injury drug test, and the drug test came back positive. Do we still need to record this on our 301 log, even
98 - We share a large, high-rise building with other tenants. Our offices are on the 18-23 floor of a 35-story building. The bottom 2 floors of the building are common areas for all tenants and visitors, and not under our company's' direct control. An employ
99 - What activities are considered "personal grooming" for purposes of the exception to the geographic presumption of work-relatedness in section 1904.5(b)(2)(vi)?
100 - What are "assigned working hours" for purposes of the exception to the geographic presumption in section 1904.5(b)(2)(v)?
101 - What are "personal tasks" for purposes of the exception to the geographic presumption in section 1904.5(b)(2)(v)?
102 - What if an employee slips in the parking lot as he or she is coming into work in the morning? Would that be considered work-related?
103 - What is OSHA's stand on an injury that occurs at work as a result of an employee being under the influence of illegal substances?
104 - While on break an employee was stung by a bee at the establishment. She had an allergic reaction and went into anaphylactic shock. She required medical treatment. Is this recordable?
105 - While walking an employee lost his balance and fell forward landing on his left arm. The ground conditions under foot within this area have been inspected post incident, and can be accurately described as compacted road base material with a small scatter
106 - Would an incident be recordable if an employee was under the influence of drugs?
107 - Would an industrial site at a U.S. owned company located in Mexico need to keep OSHA 300 logs?
108 - Would an injury such as slipping and falling on ice in a company parking lot while commuting to or from work be considered work-related?