# Standard Interpretations
1 - 1904.5(b)(2) - Determining whether an injury or illness is work-related and recordable
2 - 1904.5(b)(2) - Determining work-relatedness for injury that occurred in company parking lot
3 - 1904.5(b)(2) - Clarification of the term self-inflicted as used in the Recordkeeping standard
4 - 1904.5(b)(2) - Determining work-relatedness for recordkeeping of injury resulting from horseplay.
5 - 1904.5(b)(2) - Clarification of several recordkeeping scenarios regarding days away from work, restricted work activity, and work-relatedness.
6 - 1904.5(b)(2) - Whether to record two cases of employee injuries sustained in company parking lot during employees commute to work.
7 - 1904.5(b)(2) - Clarification of 1910.95 and 1904 regarding physicians and audiologists roles in determining work-relatedness of worker hearing loss.
8 - 1904.5(b)(2) - Recording an injury when employer is provided with different medical opinions.
9 - 1904.5(b)(2) - Whether to record injuries that occur to a contract employee when traveling from an offshore manned platform complex to other downfield fixed platforms.
10 - 1904.5(b)(2) - Whether to record injuries that occur to employees who travel from an offshore manned platform complex or dock to other offshore platforms.
11 - 1904.5(b)(2) - Determination of work-relatedness on a construction site.
12 - 1904.5(b)(2) - Evaluation of seven scenarios for work-relatedness and recordkeeping requirements.
13 - 1904.5(b)(2) - Clarification of Recordkeeping's work-related exception.