1 - A health care worker was exposed to pertussis and was given an antibiotic by a medical provider as a preventative measure. We know that the mere exposure is not recordable. However, does the fact that the antibiotic was given make it recordable?
2 - An employee is exposed to someone diagnosed with meningitis in their work place. The employee is provided antibiotics as a prophylaxis. Is this recordable?
3 - An employee is provided antibiotics for anthrax, although the employee does not test positive for exposure/infection. Is this a recordable event on the OSHA log?
4 - Are welding flash burns considered a recordable?
5 - Does an employee report of an injury or illness establish the existence of the injury or illness for recordkeeping purposes?
6 - Does the administration of oxygen in a hospital or by an EMT as a result of inhalation of smoke at the workplace during an accident count as medical treatment and, thus, OSHA recordable?
7 - Does the size or degree of a burn determine recordability?
8 - From time to time, emergency department employees encounter patients with suspected meningitis. As a result, the employee receives a prescription to reduce their chances of contracting meningitis. If the employee receives a prescription of antibiotics as
9 - How do I record a work-related injury or illness that results in the employee's death?
10 - How should I document an exposure to poison ivy, oak, sumac, etc..? Is this a recordable injury/illness that needs to documented on my 300 forms? Some people can use over the counter medications, others need medical attention which usually includes injec
11 - If a person is sprayed while doing their job by a crop duster should that be put on the OSHA log?
12 - If an employee is exposed to chlorine or some other substance at work and oxygen is administered as a precautionary measure, is the case recordable?
13 - If an employee is given antibiotics or antivirals after a possible communicable/infectious disease exposure, is it OSHA recordable regardless of seroconversion?
14 - If an employee was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome and has no restrictions or lost time, would this be recorded on the OSHA log under illness?
15 - If I had 1 work-related accident but 2 employees were injured, does this get recorded as one or two cases on the OSHA Log?
16 - Is a ganglion cyst diagnosis in the wrist considered a recordable injury?
17 - On the 300 form do I only put recordable cases, or do I also put in accidents like small cuts and burns that did not need any medical attention besides band aids?
18 - Recently we had an employee suffer from a small (2 cm) second degree burn. The individual was seen by a doctor who cleaned the area, applied an over the counter ointment and returned him to work. He was instructed to obtain and utilize an over the counte
19 - Several of our employees were exposed to sulfuric acid from a damaged battery. The employees went to a local ER complaining of signs and symptoms that can be attributed to the exposure. No one was admitted and all were cleared by a physician. This happen
20 - The old rule required the recording of all occupational illnesses, regardless of severity. For example, a work-related skin rash was recorded even if it didn't result in medical treatment. Does the rule still capture these minor illness cases?
21 - Upon returning to the office following his morning rounds, our employee felt a strange sensation on his shoulder and left side. He brushed his shirt with his hand and a spider fell to the floor. The employee was immediately sent to a nearby medical facil
22 - We had a minor chemical spill in WV. As a precautionary measure, we instructed our employees to go to the hospital/emergency room to get their lungs checked out. No problems were found and treatment was necessary. Are these considered recordable?
23 - We have employees who go into client homes. We just had an employee exposed to Whooping Cough. It was suggested that they take antibiotics although they didn't exhibit symptoms. Do we need to record this case?