1 - Are injuries and illnesses recordable if they occurred during employment, but were not discovered until after the injured or ill employee was terminated or retired?
2 - Do I have to update the annual summary?
3 - Do I have to update the OSHA 300 Log during the five-year storage period?
4 - Do I have to update the OSHA 301 Incident Reports?
5 - Do the OSHA 300 and 300A records need to be sent to OSHA?
6 - How long am I required to keep an OSHA 300 log?
7 - How long are companies required to maintain past OSHA 300 logs and related information?
8 - I cannot locate our 300A form completed for last year and I am in need of that document. Is there a way I can obtain a copy of my completed form from OSHA?
9 - I have posted OSHA form 300A in our company break room. I have received new information about an accident that occurred on Dec 20 that will extend the restricted days to the full 180 max count. Do I need to fill out a new OSHA Form 300A or can I just upd
10 - We found a duplicate incident on our OSHA 300 for year 2015. Who can we contact to correct the error?
11 - When an injury is evaluated as not work related, can you take it off your OSHA 300 log as long as you keep the paperwork related to that injury stating it's not work related with the file?
12 - When the Form 300A is completed and ready for posting, do I need to send this form to OSHA, Department of Labor?
13 - When updating the number of lost days from week to week, is it acceptable to erase the previous total to add the next weeks'?