1 - Can OSHA Summary Form 300A be posted electronically (on our intranet website) to satisfy the Feb 1-Apr 30 posting requirement?
2 - Can the annual summary be posted on a computer, rather than a paper summary on the bulletin board, assuming that all employees have access to computers?
3 - Does "Total hours worked by all employees last year" include holiday, sick, and bereavement leave?
4 - How do I calculate the "total hours worked" on my annual summary when I have both hourly and temporary workers?
5 - How do I certify the annual summary?
6 - How do I post the annual summary?
7 - How do we calculate hours worked for the salaried employees? Do we use the actual hours on our time sheets or just 40 hours per week for salaried employees?
8 - How extensively do I have to review the OSHA 300 Log entries at the end of the year?
9 - How many hours are allowed for management/supervisor/salaried employees in incident rate calculation?
10 - How many hours worked are counted in off-shore daily activities (e.g. work on oil platforms, rigs), 12 or 24 hours?
11 - I am completing the OSHA form 300A and need clarification on estimating total hours worked. Is there a standard number of hours employers should use for number of hours worked if the employer does not track vacation, sick days, holidays, etc. for each em
12 - If an employee works for one of my establishments, but is injured at another of my establishments, the recordable goes on the log of the location where it occurred. How do I account for hours worked in these situations?
13 - If an employer has no recordable cases for the year, is an OSHA 300-A, Annual Summary, still required to be completed, certified and posted?
14 - If employers electronically post the OSHA 300-A Summary of Work-related Injuries and Illnesses, are they in compliance with the posting requirements of 1904.32 (b) (5)?
15 - If I have no work related injuries or illnesses in a calendar year, do I still need to complete a form 300 log?
16 - If there were no-work related injuries during the year, do I still need to prepare and post a 300-A with no entries on it?
17 - Is "Total hours worked by all employees" on the Form 300A actual work time after leave deductions?
18 - Is a scanned image of a company executive's signature acceptable on the Annual summary for posting?
19 - On Record Keeping form 300A, what is the definition of "Company Executive"? Specifically, does a Manager of Safety, Health, & Environment meet the criteria of Company Executive if he/she is responsible for the safety and health of employees at a plant lo
20 - Some of my employees work in the field and never report to my physical establishment. Do I have to send these workers a copy of the Summary Form 300A to meet the posting requirements?
21 - We are a prime contractor that provides day-to-day-supervision to subcontractor workers. We record the injuries to these workers on our OSHA log. Do we include the man-hours of the subcontractor workers in with our numbers?
22 - When do I have to post the annual summary?
23 - When it comes to the OSHA logs, do we post the previous year totals, or the current year totals?
24 - Who is considered a company executive?
25 - Who is supposed to sign the form 300A after it is completed?
26 - Will OSHA accept an electronic signature on the 300A Summary?
# Regulations
1 - 1904.32 - Annual summary.