1 - An employee works for a certain location and visits different locations of his company during his day's work. During such a visit, he is injured in a location which is other than his home location. In such a case, should the injury be reported (in the O
2 - As a construction company we may have as many as 30 different job sites during a calendar year. Do I need to complete a separate 300 and 300A form for each?
3 - Can an employer who has fixed locations in most of the states in the continental United States retain Form 301 in a "central location" (like their main office) and just post a notice at the site indicating where these forms are being stored?
4 - Do I need to keep OSHA injury and illness records for short-term establishments (i.e., establishments that will exist for less than a year)?
5 - Do mining incidents that fall under MSHA need to appear on OSHA 300 log for the company?
6 - How do I record an injury or illness when an employee of one of my establishments is injured or becomes ill while visiting or working at another of my establishments, or while working away from any of my establishments?
7 - I am getting the OSHA 300A forms ready for posting the next year and I have a question on how many employees to put down. We have several establishments, and they all need to post their own log. All together, the company has about 150 employees, but each
8 - If a large company is divided throughout many different buildings---are they required to have an OSHA 300 Form per building?
9 - If employees have a home office that they work from part or most of the time, are they required to complete the annual Form 300?
10 - If our company has multiple offices in multiple states does each office have to maintain an OSHA 300 Log or should one log for all locations be kept at the Corporate office only?
11 - If the business has multiple locations can the injury & illness recording & reporting form 300 be kept as one large record at the main office or must a form be kept at each location?
12 - If we have multiple locations - do we keep the OSHA 300 log separately at each location or maintain one log at the main office?
13 - May I keep the records for all of my establishments at my headquarters location or at some other central location?
14 - My company has a central maintenance facility that sends personnel out to do maintenance work at several of our local company plants. If one of these maintenance employees would get injured while doing maintenance at Plant "A", would the injury go on Pl
15 - My company is contracted to perform work at surface and underground mines and also is contracted to perform work at oil and natural gas plants. If a recordable injury occurs on an MSHA jurisdictional project, are we required to record this injury on the
16 - Our business operates two production facilities (appx 40 miles apart). Should we be keeping a separate 300 log for both facilities?
17 - Our company has offices across the country. What is the minimum number of employees per site that would requires us to post a copy of the OSHA log/summary? Our number of employees per site range from 2 or 3 up to several hundred.
18 - Some of my employees work at several different locations or do not work at any of my establishments at all. How do I record cases for these employees?
19 - We are a government contractor whose employees are located in several different buildings on a large government site. Do I need to complete a separate Form 300 for each building where the employees are located? Or can I just complete one for all the empl
20 - We have a main office a four branch offices. Do I only have to post the summary form in my main office or do I need to post in all offices?
21 - We have multiple locations, in Iowa, West Virginia, and Alabama,. Are we required to maintain the OSHA recordkeeping forms at each of these locations?