1 - Are the worker's compensation first report of injury form and the OSHA Form 301 both required to be filled out, or will just the worker's compensation form be sufficient for compliance?
2 - Are there any OSHA regulations on what OSHA 300 Log information our company gives to our customers when they request our health and safety information?
3 - Are there situations where I do not put the employee's name on the forms for privacy reasons?
4 - Can a completed First Notice of Injury form be used as a substitute for the OSHA Form 301?
5 - Can the OSHA Log 300 & Summary 300A be replicated by our IT department to create a similar but perhaps slightly different looking form as long as all of the same information remains on it?
6 - Do I have to submit an OHSA 300 log to a general contractor requesting it for our Company employees working on their jobsite? Is this private information?
7 - Do the case numbers on the log have to be sequential?
8 - Does the employer decide if an injury or illness is a privacy concern case?
9 - How do I calculate my recordable incidence rate if I have under 100 employees? Currently I take the number of incidence X 200,000 divided by Hours worked. Could I divide the 200,000 by the actual number of employees to ensure that I don't get a falsely b
10 - How do I determine if an injury or illness is a privacy concern case?
11 - How do I determine whether or not a case is an occupational injury or one of the occupational illness categories in Section M of the OSHA 300 Log?
12 - How do I find OSHA's Form 300 and 300A? I have looked on your website but cannot seem to find the actual form to print out.
13 - How do we calculate an annual incident rate?
14 - How quickly must each injury or illness be recorded?
15 - I would like to gain more clarity in how to classify a work related loss of consciousness due to exposure to H2S. Is this a recordable? If it is recordable, is it an injury or an illness?
16 - I'm finding all your various rate calculations to be confusing. Please provide the formulas and definitions for your relevant calculations--specifically TCR, DAFWII, and DART. We'd like to benchmark ourselves and do annual comparisons.
17 - If an employee reports an injury or illness and receives medical treatment this year, but states that the symptoms first arose at some unspecified date last year, on which year's log do I record the case?
18 - Is it necessary to fill out the OSHA 301 form when a First Report of Injury is filled out and submitted to our insurance company?
19 - Is the body part required in the OSHA Form 300? The program that we use to generate our OSHA Form 300 does not include the body part in the description field. Is this okay?
20 - Is the OSHA 300 log available online?
21 - Is there an Adobe PDF fillable OSHA FORM 300?
22 - Is there an Excel version of the new OSHA Form 300 available now? If so, is it located on your website to download?
23 - May employers attach missing information to their accident investigation or workers' compensation forms to make them an acceptable substitute form for the OSHA 301 for recordkeeping purposes?
24 - May I keep my records on a computer?
25 - On a first-aid injury that is later determined to be a recordable injury for record-keeping purposes, what date is required to be used? The initial date of the injury (first aid) or the date it was reclassified as a recordable injury?
26 - On the OSHA 300 form, there is a line at the bottom of the page that says Page Totals. If your OSHA 300 log is more than one page long, should those page totals be cumulative including totals from previous page?
27 - On the OSHA Form 300, under category (J)what does Other recordable cases mean?
28 - One of our workers was using a large wrench which slipped from her grip and struck her across the nose. She was taken to the hospital and it was determined at that time that she could return to work the next day with no restrictions. She received only fi
29 - Since the new system proposes to do away with the distinction between injuries and illnesses, is there guidance on how to classify cases to complete column M on the OSHA 300 Log?
30 - Under paragraph 1904.29(b)(9), the employer may use some discretion in describing a privacy concern case on the log so the employee cannot be identified. Can the employer also leave off the job title, date, or where the event occurred?
31 - We had a employee that was stung by a bee and went into anaphylactic shock. Would this be considered an injury or a respiratory condition for the Form 300?
32 - What date should be used for an injury that is reported on January 31 and does not become a recordable injury until February 5th. Would this be counted as recordable for the month of January when the injury occurred or in February when it became recordab
33 - What is an equivalent form?
34 - What is the formula to figure DART rate?
35 - What is the formula used to calculate the Days Away From work Incidence Rate?
36 - What must I do to protect employee privacy if I wish to provide access to the OSHA Forms 300 and 301 to persons other than government representatives, employees, former employees or authorized representatives?
37 - When an employee reports a recordable work-related chronic condition to the employer, what is the correct date of injury? Occasionally, when employees first report chronic work-related health problems, such as repetitive motion stress, they state that th
38 - When assigning Case Numbers on the OSHA Form 300, should the number sequence start over with the new year?
39 - When calculating the lost days away incident rate the use of the number 200,000 is based on 100 employees. What number should be used when hours are counted for only 30 employees?
40 - When you assign a case number, do you start all over with case #1 the following year?
41 - When you have an injury with both days away and restricted duty how do you determine which is more serious so you check the appropriate box on form 300?