1 - Are there any special rules for determining whether a hearing loss case is work-related?
2 - Do I have to record the hearing loss if I am going to retest the employee's hearing?
3 - Do we need to keep a log in establishments that have 10 or fewer employees? The company itself has more than 10 employees.
4 - For the 10 employees or less recordkeeping exemption, what is the criteria for distinguishing between an individual business establishment that is part of a larger company, and a completely unique company? If a business establishment is separately incorp
5 - How do I determine the size of my company to find out if I qualify for the partial exemption for size?
6 - How many employees must be employed for an employer be required to complete and post form 300A?
7 - I have heard there is an injury and illness recordkeeping regulation. Does an employer that has 3 employees have to comply with this regulation?
8 - I work in the office at a small company. There are fewer than 10 full time employees. Do we need to do the record keeping of injuries and end of year summary?
9 - If an employee experienced a recordable hearing loss case, where would the employer record the case on the OSHA 300 Log?
10 - If an employee suffers a Standard Threshold Shift (STS) in only one ear, may the employer revise the baselines for both ears?
11 - Is the partial exemption for size based on the size of my entire company or on the size of an individual business establishment?
12 - May I adjust the current audiogram to reflect the effects of aging on hearing?
13 - What is a Standard Threshold Shift?
14 - What rules must an employer ensure that a physician or other licensed health care professional use to make a determination that a hearing loss case is not work-related under section 1904.10(b)(6)?
15 - Which baseline is used to determine if a recordable Standard Threshold Shift (STS) has occurred this year?
16 - You don't have to complete Forms 300 - 300a if you have less than 11 workers. Is this less than 11 permanent workers or do you count the temporary workers and the workers that you didn't keep after hiring and let go for that calendar year.
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