# Standard Interpretations
1 - Section 5(a)(1) - Enforcement Policy for Respiratory Hazards Not Covered by OSHA Permissible Exposure Limits
2 - Section 5(a)(1) - OSHA requirements for smoke plume generated from laser and electrosurgical instruments in dental offices and hospital operating rooms
3 - Section 5(a)(1) - Sleep-deprivation and fatigue hazards for night shift workers
4 - Section 5(a)(1) - The use of dry down draft tables or benches for collection of metal dust generated during grinding, buffing, and deburring operations
5 - Section 5(a)(1) - Inspection Guidance for Poultry Slaughtering and Poultry Processing Establishments
6 - Section 5(a)(1) - Inspection Guidance for Inpatient Healthcare Settings
7 - Section 5(a)(1) - Seat belt use when operating baggage handling equipment around aircraft and aircraft associated locations.
8 - Section 5(a)(1) - Veterinary clinic kneeling squatting
9 - Section 5(a)(1) - OSHA Standards Applicable to Automotive Service Lifts
10 - Section 5(a)(1) - Extended and Unusual Work Shifts
11 - Section 5(a)(1) - Policy Background on the Temporary Worker Initiative Posted
12 - Section 5(a)(1) - Lifting requirements for hospital nurse
13 - Section 5(a)(1) - OSHA procedures for safe weight limits when manually lifting
14 - Section 5(a)(1) - Hoisting Employees in boatswain’s chair to perform boat-building and boat-repair work
15 - Section 5(a)(1) - Protecting Trainers of Killer Whales
16 - Section 5(a)(1) - OSHA's position on the requirements for TB screening for employees who have a documented allergy to PPD.
17 - Section 5(a)(1) - Whether annual TB skin testing is required for low risk personnel.
18 - Section 5(a)(1) - Applicability of 29 CFR 1926 to oil and gas well driling and servicing operations
19 - Section 5(a)(1) - Whether the General Duty Clause of the Occupational Safety and Health Act requires impalement protection from protruding anchor bolts.
20 - Section 5(a)(1) - OSHA's multi-employer citation policy application to a homeowner who contracts with specialty contractors to perform construction on a house
21 - Section 5(a)(1) - OSHA does not have standards limiting maximum weight employees can lift/carry.
22 - Section 5(a)(1) - OSHA has no standards prohibiting pets in the workplace.
23 - Section 5(a)(1) - OSHA does not have requirements for normal color vision.
24 - Section 5(a)(1) - Acceptable methods to reduce heat stress hazards in the workplace.