OSHA Guidelines for Ensuring and Maximizing the Quality, Objectivity, Utility, and Integrity of Information Disseminated by the Department of Labor

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If you are making an Information Quality Correction Request (IQCR), first read about the types of information for which an Information Quality Correction Request may NOT be filed by selecting the "Information Quality Assurance Process - (IQCRs)" topic in the site "A-Z Index" link at the top of this page or by pasting the following URL into your browser http://www.osha.gov/laws-regs/information-quality-assurance.

Once you are sure that you have an IQCR complaint to make, then continue on with this link. In writing your complaint, be sure to include the following information:

  • Identify yourself and indicate how you can be reached. (OSHA intends to comply with the Privacy Act regarding any personal identifying information you include)
  • Identify, as specifically as possible, the information in question.
  • Indicate how you are affected by the information.
  • Carefully describe the nature of the complaint, including an explanation of why you believe the information does not comply with OSHA, Department of Labor (DOL) or Office of Management and Budget (OMB) guidelines.
  • Describe the change requested and the reason why OSHA should make the change.

Note: The information presented here is not comprehensive. Before submitting an IQCR, you should read the U.S. Department of Labor's "Information Quality Guidelines - (IQCRS)" topic found in the site index ("A-Z Index") and available in both HTML and PDF versions.

If you are ready to write your IQCR complaint now, contact Vanessa Holloway.