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    Final Rule
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    Employee exposure to Cadmium

OSHA is publishing a new standard for occupational exposure to Cadmium applicable to general industry and agriculture and maritime. A separate standard regulating exposure to cadmium in the construction industry was also developed, because the differences in job duration, exposure and worksite conditions warrant unique treatment. OSHA is publishing the construction standard at 29 CFR 1926.63. The basis of this regulation is a determination by the Assistant Secretary that employees exposed to cadmium face a significant risk to their health from lung cancer and serious kidney damage at the current permissible exposure limits and that promulgating this standard will substantially reduce that risk. The information gathered during the rulemaking demonstrates that employees chronically exposed to levels of cadmium well below existing permissible exposure limits are at increased risk of developing kidney dysfunction and cancer. Effective dates of these standards is December 14, 1992 and may be found in full text in the OSHA Standards Database.