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    Explosive and other Dangerous Atmospheres in Vessels and Vessel Sections; Proposed rule, reopening of record for advisory committee recommendations and public comments.

On November 29, 1988, OSHA published a proposed rule that would revise its shipyard employment safety standards for explosive and dangerous atmospheres in vessels and vessel sections (Subpart B, 53 FR 48092). This proposal addressed safe entry into and work to be carried on in confined spaces on board vessels and vessel sections in shipyards. Although over 40 comments were received in response to the proposal, none requested a hearing. After the closing date for comments on this shipyard rule, OSHA also proposed new rules for confined spaces in general industry (1910.146, 54 FR 24080. June 5, 1989) which elicited over 300 comments. It covered other than shipboard or pier-side confined spaces in shipyards, including operations in fabricating shops, machine shops, and staging areas. A short time later the Shipyard Employment Standards Advisory Committee (SESAC), which was established to provide OSHA with guidance in consolidating its shipyard standards with its general industry standards and updating the standards applicable to shipyards, held its first meeting. The Committee was asked to consider both sets of proposed confined space rules with a view of application in shipyards. SESAC also recommended adding proposed regulatory language to subpart B to address training, rescue, and the duty to other employers. In light of various comments submitted to the docket concerning the general industry confined spaced proposal, and in order for OSHA to insert SESAC''s recommendations into the rulemaking record and to clarify additional issues, the Agency is reopening for comment the record on proposed subpart B. This will allow further public comment and serve to augment the record that has been established for the November 1988 proposal. Interested persons are invited to submit written data, views and arguments on the issues raised in this document in quadruplicate to the Docket officer, Docket S-050, U.S. Department of Labor, OSHA, room N-2625, 200 Constitution Avenue N.W., Washington, D.C. 20210. They must be postmarked by September 22, 1992. For more information contact Mr. James F. Foster, U. S. DOL/OSHA, room N- 3647, 200 Constitution Avenue N.W., Washington D.C. 20210;telephone:(202)523-8151.