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    Meeting of the Advisory Committee on Construction Safety and Health

The Advisory Committee on Construction Safety and Health will meet on May 19-20, 1992 in the Frances Perkins Bldg., Department of Labor, Washington, D.C. The meeting is open to the public and will begin at 9 a.m. on each day. The agenda includes reports on the following subjects: Construction accident and fatality data, construction inspection targeting, crane safety, regulation of occupational exposure to lead, a potential 1910/1926 recodification project, status of proposed revisions of scaffold and fall protection standards, and update regarding other construction-related projects. In addition, the Advisory Committee will address a proposal to reduce construction industry employee exposure to methylene chloride. Written data, views or comments may be submitted to the Division of Consumer Affairs. Submissions received prior to the meeting will be provided to Committee members and will be included in the record of the meeting. Anyone wishing to make an oral presentation should notify the Division of Consumer Affairs before the meeting. For further information contact Tom Hall, 202-523-8615.