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    California State Standard, Request for Public Comment


This notice invites comments on California's Hand Fed Food Patty Machines standard. This standard is an independent State standard for which there is no Federal OSHA equivalent. The State's standard addresses the hazards inherent in operating this type of machinery and initiates safety regulations for the guarding of hand fed Food Patty Machines. OSHA compared the standard to its Instruction STD 1-12.9, General Requirements for All Machines, and concluded that the State's standard addresses those specific areas of point of operation guarding necessary to provide safe handling of the machines by employees. The standard is now under review to determine whether it meets the requirements of section 18(c)(2) of the Act and 29 CFR parts 1902 and 1953. OSHA has preliminarily determined that the standard meets the "at least as effective" criterion on section 18(c)(2) of the OSH Act; however, public comment on this issue is solicited for OSHA's consideration in its final decision on whether or not to approve the standard. OSHA is also seeking public comment as to whether the standard is applicable to products which are distributed or used in interstate commerce, and if so, whether it is required by compelling local conditions, and whether it unduly burdens interstate commerce. Interested persons are invited to submit written data, views, and arguments with respect to these issues. Comments must be postmarked on or before May 20, 1992. For further information contact James Foster, (202)523-8184.