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    EPA Intent to Revise Contractor Model Accreditation Plan for Persons Seeking Accreditation to Conduct Asbestos-Related Work in Schools

EPA announces its intent to revise the Model Accreditation Plan issued on 4/30/87, pursuant to section 206 of the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA). The original plan was developed for the purpose of establishing minimum training requirements for those persons seeking accreditation to conduct asbestos-related work in schools. Accreditation was required for all persons inspecting school buildings for the presence of asbestos, developing school management plans and designing response actions for or conducting response actions in the schools. States are required under AHERA to adopt their own contractor accreditation plans, which are to be no less stringent than the EPA Model Plan. Contact Michael Stahl, EPA (202)382- 7849.