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    Application of Communication Certification Laboratory for Recognition as a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL)

Notice is hereby given that the Communication Certification Laboratory (CCL) has made application for recognition as a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory. CCL is located at 1940 West Alexander St. , Salt Lake City, Utah 84119, and requests recognition for testing and certification of products tested for compliance with the following test standards: ANSI/UL 478-Information Processing and Business Equipment; ANSI/UL 1012-Power Supplies; UL 1459-Telephone Equipment; UL 1950- Information Technology Equipment Including Electrical Business Equipment. The Assistant Secretary has made a preliminary finding that CCL can meet the requirements for recognition. Public comments and evidence supporting or challenging the laboratory''s sufficiency for meeting the requirements are invited and must be submitted by 2/25/91. CONTACT: James Concannon.