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    Proposed Rule
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    Extension of Written Comment Period and Additional Informal Public Hearings on Proposed Rule on Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals

This document schedules an additional informal public hearing in Houston, Texas, to begin on 2/26/91 concerning the notice of proposed rulemaking issued on 7/17/90 (55 FR 29150) regarding process safety management of highly hazardous chemicals. In order to allow interested parties adequate opportunity to decide to participate in the Houston hearing, OSHA is allowing additional time for submission of notices of intention to appear, testimony and documentary evidence for that hearing. OSHA is also extending the written comment period to allow additional public input. Hearings will begin in Washington, DC on 11/27/ 90 and will reconvene in Houston as noted above. Deadlines for intention to appear for the Washington, DC hearing remain as originally scheduled. Notices of intention to appear at the Houston hearing must be postmarked by 1/22/91. CONTACT: Tom Hall (202)523-8615 (Hearing procedures) or James Foster (202)523-8151 (Proposal and hearing issues).