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    Proposed Rule
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    Extension of Comment Period for Proposed Rule on Accreditation of Training Programs for Hazardous Waste Operations; Cancellation and Rescheduling of Informal Public Hearings

On 7/27/90, OSHA published a notice in the Federal Register scheduling informal public hearings and reopening the written comment period for its proposed Accreditation of Training Programs for Hazardous Waste Operations. Informal public hearings previously scheduled for October 2-5, 1990 in Washington, D.C. are canceled and rescheduled for February 5-8, 1991 at USDOL, 200 Constitution Ave, Washington, D.C.. Hearings previously scheduled to be held in Cincinnati October 10-11, 1990, are cancelled and rescheduled for February 12-14, 1991 at the Omni Netherland Plaza, 35 W. Fifth St., Cincinnati. The deadline for notices of intention to appear is 12/17/90, while the deadline for written comments, testimony and all other evidence offered into the hearing record is 1/21/91. CONTACT: Thomas Hall, 523-8615.