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    Notice of Informal Hearings and Reopening of Written Comment Period for Proposed Rule on Accreditation of Training Programs for Hazardous Waste Operations

This notice schedules hearings concerning the notice of proposed rulemaking which OSHA issued on 1/26/90 (55 FR 2776) on accreditation of training programs for hazardous waste operations for general industry. The notice also reopens the comment period for written responses to the proposed rule. Informal public hearings are scheduled for 10/2-5/90 in Washington, D.C. and 10/10-11/90 in Cincinnati, Ohio. 9/10/90 is deadline for receipt of notice of intention to appear at the hearings. 9/21/90 is deadline for receipt of written comments and for testimony and evidence to be offered into the hearing record. CONTACT: Tom Hall, 523-8615 (Hearing information) or James Foster, 523-8151 (Proposal and hearing issues).