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    Proposed Rule
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    Extension of Written Comment Period and Scheduled Hearing on Proposed Rule on Walking and Working Surfaces and Personal Protective Equipment (Fall Protection Systems)

Schedules an informal public hearing, starting on 9/11/90, concerning the notices of proposed rulemaking which OSHA issued on 4/10/ 90 regarding walking and working surfaces (55 FR 13360) and personal protective equipment (fall protection systems) (55 FR 13423). The hearing will be held at Francis Perkins Building (DOL) in Washington, D. C. Notices of intention to appear at the hearing must be postmarked by 8/8/90. Written comments on the proposed standard must be postmarked by 8/22/90. OSHA is soliciting testimony with supporting information on the following issues: Application of qualified climber concept to outdoor advertising industry and use of rest lanyards by qualified climbers; Fall protection for window washers; Fall protection and falling object protection for employees working in proximity to automobile service pits and floor openings;Installation of toeboards; Fall protection for foundry employees who are fabricating molds; Installation of anchorage points. Contact: Tom Hall, 523-8615.