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    Proposed Rule
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    Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Occupant Protection in Motor Vehicles

OSHA is proposing a generic, performance-oriented regulation addressing the protection of employee occupants of motor vehicles to ensure the safe use of all classes of motor vehicles on the job. For motor vehicles that are equipped with safety belts or that are required by Federal regulation to have occupant safety belts installed, the proposed rule would mandate that employers require that each employee wear the safety belt when operating or riding in such motor vehicles for official business. The proposal also mandates the use of head protection meeting Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 218 by those employees who operate or occupy a motorcycle. The proposed rule would require the employer to develop and implement an employee driver safety awareness program. 11/9/90 is deadline for receipt of comments and information on the proposal. Hearing requests, notices of intention to appear at a rulemaking hearing, documentary evidence and witness statements must be received on or before 9/10/90. If convined in response to public requests, the public hearing would be held in Washington D.C. 1/8/91. Contact: James Foster (Rule); Tom Hall (Hearing) .