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    Final Rule
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    Correction to Rules of Practice and Procedure for Administrative Hearings Before the Office of Administrative Law Judges

The Department of Labor is correcting an omission in the appendix to the final rule which appeared in the Federal Register on 4/9/90, 55 FR 13218. The Reporter''s Note 18.802 on page 13233 is changed by deleting two sentences, beginning with "Accordingly" through "18.902(10) ", and add the following: If a program provides for the creation of an "administrative file" to the judge presiding at a formal adversarial adjudication governed by these rules, see section 18.1101, the "administrative file" would fall outside the bar of the hearsay rule. Similarly, such "administrative file" is self-authenticating, section 18.902(10). Effective 5/9/90.