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    Final Rule
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    Correction to Preamble of Air Contaminants Standard; Carbon Disulfide; Tasks for Which Respirators May be Worn to Achieve Compliance

Discussion in the preamble to the final Air Contaminants Standard (54 FR 2332-2983 1/19/89) is being corrected to read: "OSHA''s assessment of the feasibility of this limit indicates that, under normal operating conditions, a 4 ppm TWA PEL and a 12 ppm STEL are generally achievable by using engineering and work-practice controls. Evidence in the record demonstrates that engineering controls and work practices are not feasible to achieve compliance and respiratory protection may be required during certain operations in industries that regenerate cellulose from viscose to form commercial products such as rayon staple, rayon yarn, cellophane, sponges and casings. Accordingly, respirators may be worn to achieve compliance with the Air Contaminants Standard when employees are performing the following tasks - Maintenance-type tasks (regardless of whether performed by "maintenance personnel" or others), such as tank washing, opening and redressing filters, cleaning process liquor screens, and handling unwashed, unpurified viscose and viscose products; Opening of production lines, e. g., to troubleshoot production quality, take tank samples, set thickness of cellophane, change spinerettes, clear jams, spin, thread and align film and fiber strands during extrusion, regeneration, and cutting, and manually puncture casings; Handling of fibers and filament bundles that have been removed from process equipment; Effecting product-line changes; and Loading alkali cellulose, and unloading, washing and dissolving xanthate, viscose and viscose products." Effective 6/8/90. CONTACT: James Foster, 523-8148.