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    Hazard Communication Standard; Request for Comments and Information

OSHA is requesting comments and information from the public regarding suggestions for improving the presentation and quality of chemical hazard information transmitted under its Hazard Communication Standard (HCS). The notice asks a series of questions to obtain information from preparers and users of labels and MSDS''s regarding their experiences in implementing the rule and suggestions for improving the quality of information provided. Possible development of a standardized format or order of information is raised as an issue. Comments are requested regarding other communication factors, such as the language skills needed to understand the information presented; suggestions for compliance assistance activities, particularly in small businesses; and issues related to the practice of providing information regarding chemicals not covered under the rule. Also requested are comments on how the standard should deal with chemicals that pose little or no risk to workers, either because of lack of inherent hazards or negligible exposures. Comments and information must be received by 8/15/90. For info call James Foster (202)523-8151.