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    Proposed Rule
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    Logging Operations; Notice of Hearing on Proposed Rule; Extension of Written Comment Period

This notice schedules informal public hearings to address issues concerning the notice of proposed rulemaking that OSHA published on 5/2/ 89 (54 FR 18798) on Logging Operations. It also extends the period for submission of written comments on the proposed rule. The informal public hearings are scheduled to begin at 9:30 a.m. in Washington, DC on 7/24/90 (DOL, 200 Constitution Ave.). After all who wish to testify have done so, the hearing will be recessed and reconvened in Portland, OR (Shilo Inn Suites Convention Center) on 8/21/90. Additional written comments on the proposed standards and notices of intention to appear must be received by 6/29/90;testimony and documentary evidence which will be offered into either the Washington, DC or Portland hearing record must be received by 7/9/90. OSHA is soliciting comments on the following issues: Training, Personal Protective Equipment, Leg Protection, First Aid, Visual and Audible Contact, Chain Saw Protective Devices, Operator''s Manual, Riders, and Equipment Protective Devices. For info call Tom Hall (202)523-8615.