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    Grants and Cooperative Agreements; Secretary of Labor's LIFT (Labor In vesting for Tomorrow) America Awards Program

The Department of Labor is implementing the LIFT (Labor Investing for Tomorrow) America Awards Program, for the purpose of encouraging significant, community level involvement in upgrading the quality of the American workforce. The program was developed because of concern that the workforce is unprepared for the new jobs of the 1990''s and beyond. Through the LIFT America Award Program, the Secretary will make awards each year to private sector employers, trade associations, community organizations, schools, community and junior colleges, and labor and educational organizations for outstanding achievement in designing and managing exemplary programs to improve the education and work-readiness of new entrants into the workforce and also to improve the skills of those already employed (or for contributing to the success of such programs). Awards will be given in each of four categories: Business-School Partnerships, School-to-Work Programs, Employee Training Programs, and Employee Worklife Programs. Nomination guidelines and a detailed description of the program are included as an appendix to the FR notice.