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    Proposed Rule
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    Walking and Working Surfaces; Personal Protective Equipment (Fall Protection Systems); Notices of Proposed Rulemaking; Slips; Falls;Trips

OSHA proposes to revise its general industry standards for workplace walking and working surfaces (29 CFR part 1910, subpart D) in order to focus on the hazards that can result in trips, slips, and falls causing serious and fatal injuries. In a related notice, OSHA proposes to amend the existing standards in subpart I - Personal Protective Equipment, to add criteria pertaining to personal fall protection systems, including fall arrest systems (lifelines and lanyards, body belts and harnesses, deceleration devices, etc.), work positioning systems (lineman''s body belts and pole straps, window cleaner''s belts, etc.), travel restricting systems (tether lines, etc.), and fall protection systems for climbing (ladder safety devices, etc.). The proposed revisions are being published concurrently because of their interdependency with regard to the use of personal fall protection systems. Existing subpart D standards for walking and working surfaces refer to or require the use of such systems, but provide little or no information to identify what criteria these systems must meet in order to provide employee safety. The subpart I proposal will clearly state those criteria. Comments and requests for public hearing must be postmarked by 7/9/90; if requested, a public hearing will be held in Washington, D.C.(DOL) on 9/11/90. For info on the proposal contact James Foster 523-8151.