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    Proposed Rule
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    Exposure to Toxic Substances; Air Contaminants; Respiratory Protection; Notice of Informal Public Hearing


OSHA is scheduling a hearing on its proposed standard (54 FR 23991, 6/5/89) to modify existing provisions for controlling employee exposure to toxic substances found in 29 CFR 1910.1000(e), Air Contaminant Standard, and 1910.134(a)(1), Respiratory Protection Standard. The hearing will be held at DOL, Washington, D.C. beginning 5/30/90. Comments must be postmarked by 5/7/90. OSHA proposed to incorporate flexibility in methods of compliance requirements by setting forth circumstances under which respirators may be used due to the general infeasibility of limiting exposure through implementation of engineering controls. OSHA is interested in receiving testimony and data on the following: workplace circumstances, including confined spaces, which would be appropriately regulated under the proposed standard; utilization of respirators to control exposure when performing brief, intermittent tasks, to achieve compliance with short- term exposure limits; cost effectiveness factors in determining acceptability of one control method over another; respirator use in lieu of feasible engineering controls when the employer has submitted a comprehensive written respirator compliance program; establishing "respirator budgets" (numbers of days/year or hours/day for employees to wear respirators in lieu of implementing feasible engineering controls); and acceptability of allowing employers under any circumstances to comply with exposure limits by any method they deem advisable.