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    Proposed Rule
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    Environmental Protection Agency; Amendment of Hazardous Waste Testing and Monitoring Regulations

On 1/23/89, EPA proposed to amend its hazardous waste testing and monitoring regulations under Subtitle C of RCRA by incorporating the 3rd edition of "Test Methods for Evaluating Solid Waste, Physical/ Chemical Methods," (SW-846) into RCRA regulations; updating SW-846 with additional methods and information; and mandating minimum Quality Control (QC) procedures for all RCRA testing. In response to comments, EPA is considering, in addition to the option of promulgating the rulemaking as proposed, a number of technical modifications and/or clarifications to the 3rd edition of SW-846 and the inclusion of specific QC procedures. The comment period on the proposal is being reopened until 3/12/90 for receipt of comments, with supporting documentation, on these new options and on the deletion of appendices III and X to 40 CFR part 261. For technical information call Charles Sellers (202) 382-4761.