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    Final Rule
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    Final Rule; Extension of Partial Stay; Nitroglycerin; Ethylene glycol dinitrate

A stay of the new limits for nitroglycerin and ethylene glycol dinitrate is granted to the explosives industry until April 1, 1990. OSHA reduced exposure limits for 375 air contaminants on January 19, 1989, with an effective date of September 1, 1989. In response to a petition by the Institute of Makers of Explosives, OSHA granted the explosives industry a stay (to February 1, 1990) of the new exposure limits for nitroglycerin and ethylene glycol. Settlement negotiations are continuing, and OSHA is extending the stay to April 1, 1990. This action takes effect on 2/1/90. For information contact James Foster, 523-8151.