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    Final Rule
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    Occupational Exposures to Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories;Chemical Hygiene Plan


OSHA hereby promulgates a final rule for occupational exposures to hazardous chemicals in laboratories. The final standard applies to all laboratories that use hazardous chemicals in accordance with the definition of laboratory use and scale provided in the standard. Generally, where this standard applies it supersedes provisions of all other standards in 29 CFR part 1910, subpart Z, except in specific instances identified by this standard. Laboratories covered by the standard are obligated to maintain employee exposures at or below PELs specified in 29 CFR subpart Z, but the manner in which it is achieved will be determined by each employer through formulation and implementation of a Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP). The Standard is effective May 1, 1990; employers must have completed an appropriate Chemical Hygiene Plan and commenced carrying it out by January 31, 1991. An Appendix contains Nat'l Research Council's non-mandatory recommendations concerning chemical hygiene in laboratories. Contact James Foster, 523-8151 for information.