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    Final Rule
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    Occupational Exposure to Lead; Nonferrous Foundries

This statement of reasons sets forth OSHA''s determination that, at an engineering control level of 50 ug/m(3) for large foundries (20 or more employees) and 75 ug/m(3) for small foundries (fewer than 20 employees), OSHA''s standard for occupational exposure to airborne lead is economically feasible for nonferrous foundries. The determination is made in response to a court order remanding the record to OSHA to reconsider the economic feasibility for this industry sector. OSHA will proceed with a survey to further assess the economic impact of the engineering control level on small nonferrous foundries, and will accept information from the public. Within three years from the date of this decision, it will either be reaffirmed on the basis of information received or OSHA will set another level. Effective March 1, 1990. Contact James Foster, 523-8148 for info.