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    Chemical Safety; Hazard Communication; International Issues; Request for Comments and Information; International Labor Organization; ILO

OSHA is soliciting public input on proposed conclusions of the International Labor Organization(ILO) which address "Safety in the Use of Chemicals at Work." The proposed conclusions include provisions for classification of chemicals as to their hazards, labels, material safety data sheets, training, and other elements of an appropriate chemical safety program, such as exposure monitoring and medical surveilance. OSHA is also requesting comments and information from the public regarding the impact of differing international requirements for chemical hazard information transmittal, and possible international harmonization of such requirements. The FR includes full text of ILO proposed conclusions (which will be discussed at the ILO''s June 1990 Conference), a listing of issues and questions for which OSHA is seeking information and comment, and a description of the ILO conclusion/recommendation process. Comments and information to be received in Docket Office (Docket H-022H) by 3/23/90. For information contact James Foster, (202)523-8151.