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    Proposed Rule
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    Occupational Exposure to 4,4'-Methylenedianiline; MDA; Proposed Rule;Notice of Hearing

Schedules an informal public hearing to address limited issues concerning the notice of proposed rulemaking OSHA issued on MDA on 5/12/ 89 (54 FR 20672). Hearing will begin 9:30 am on 3/20/90, in the Departmental Auditorium, USDOL, Washington D.C. Notices of intention to appear, written comments on proposed standards, testimony and evidence to be offered into the hearing record to be postmarked by 2/29/90. Text discusses 17 issues on which OSHA is inviting testimony, including the appropriateness of expressly establishing a 0.1% exclusion by weight or volume for operations involving mixtures containing MDA from the proposed regulation;feasibility of dermal monitoring techniques; biological monitoring;defining "likelihood of dermal exposure"; methods for establishing regulated areas where the only employee exposure results from contact with liquid MDA or mixtures containing it; determining what "free of MDA" means with respect to lunch areas; allowing employer to use MSDS for mixtures containing MDA rather than furnish employee with MSDS for MDA only; other issues. Contact James Foster, (202)523-8151 for information.