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    Final Rule
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    Final Rule Correction; Air Contaminants; Iron Oxide
This notice makes corrections to the preamble and final rule on Air
Contaminants which appeared in the Federal Register on January 19,
1989 (54 FR 2331). That rule amended 29CFR 1910.1000 and its tables.
On July 5, 1989, OSHA published corrections to the preamble and the
rule. This document (11/15/89) corrects additional errors
identified. There are a number of errors in the printing of the
exposure limit for iron oxide throughout both the proposal and final
Federal Register documents. The preexisting limit in 29 CFR
1910.1000, Table Z-1 (1988 ed) is "Iron oxide fume...10 mg/m(3)".
OSHA proposed to lower that limit to "5 mg/ m(3) for iron oxide dust
and fume, measured as total particulate (Fe)." See 53 FR 21075 in
the June 7, 1988 proposal. OSHA's final decision for iron oxide was
to retain the former limit of "Iron oxide fume...10 mg/ m(3). OSHA
is correcting Table Z-4 accordingly in this Correction Document.
Document states "There is no benefit to clarity to formally correct
the other places the limit was not stated correctly." Effective
Date: November 15, 1989.