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    Final Rule
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    Excavations; Construction; Trenching; Shoring; Sloping; Benching;Final Rule
Amends Construction Standards for Excavations, 29 CFR part 1926,
subpart P to establish requirements for protection of employees in
excavations. Effective Date: 1/2/90. Existing standards regulate use
of support systems, sloping and benching systems and other systems
of protection against cave-ins; means of access to and egress from
excavations; employee exposure to vehicular traffic, falling loads,
hazardous atmospheres, water accumulation, and unstable structures
in and adjacent to excavations. Revised standard uses performance
criteria where possible; consolidates and simplifies many existing
provisions; eliminates duplicate provisions and ambiguous language;
provides consistent method of soil classification; gives employers
added flexibility. Text includes Tables showing timber requirements
for trench shoring and alluminum hydraulic shoring requirements.
Figures illustrate slope and bench configurations and supports;
hydraulic shoring installations, trench jacks and shields. A graphic
summary of requirements for excavations 20' or less in depth is
contained in Appendix F.