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    Bloodborne Diseases; Survey; Expedited information collection clearance
In carrying out its responsibilities under the Paperwork Reduction
Act, OSHA is submitting a request for approval to OMB for a survey
to support an assessment of the technological and economic
feasibility of a standard to protect workers from occupational
exposure to bloodborne pathogens. This will be a one time only
survey. Information gathered from the data collection efforts will
be used by OSHA to prepare a final Regulatory Impact Analysis for
the final rule. OSHA has requested that OMB complete their review by
November 15, 1989. The printed copy of the Federal Register includes
the 37-page, draft survey questionnaire which will be sent to
hospitals. Comments and questions regarding the survey or reporting
burden are to be directed to Paul Larson, Departmental Clearance
Officer, OMB, (202) 523-6331. Comments should also be sent to Office
of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Attn: OMB Desk Officer for
OSHA, OMB (202)395-6880.